Monday, January 5, 2015

Cowboys and Congo Chicken -- and a car!

Hey everyone!

This week has been an interesting one!

Tuesday we helped someone move out of the Wolfe Apts (they're super sketchy) and it was way fun,
but the person who we were moving took us to lunch at Sonic after and she chewed out the drive through lady and it was really sad and kinda scary. Also, Elder Larsen ripped his pants and had to wear some Dallas Cowboys sweats (he's a Steelers fan) all the way home on the bus. it was super funny!

Wednesday we watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2" for New Year's eve and had the 5 pound pizza from Pizza Rita! It was way awesome! Also, Faustin invited us to a party the next day, which made for an interesting story!

Thursday was a no-proselyting day, so we went to Faustin's and taught him at 12 and then at 1 we were supposed to go to the party thing. It was interesting because Mormon Standard Time is about 15 minutes late. Apparently Congolese ST is about 3 hours late, so the party that was supposed to start at 1 ended up us getting picked up about 1:45 and the actual party didn't start til 4! It was super funny!
Congo Chicken (?)
And then, at the party, they had tons of really good Congolese food! Unfortunately Elder Larsen couldn't eat most of it because it had nuts in it. Also, super interesting and smart thing about the Congolese: At their parties, they put the kids in a separate room until after the parents have all eaten. It was awesome! And the other way cool thing that happened, besides cultural dancing and such, was they gave a big speech and then had me bless the food. They had such high respect for us as missionaries, it was almost too much! They even made us eat first as their guests! (which was not exactly what we wanted since we couldn't tell what the food was or how to eat it).

Friday we did service at Corbin Senior Center with all the missionaries, and all the elderly people loved it! It was awesome! That afternoon, we got a call from a guy down at the Wolfe who needed us to come give him a blessing and was telling us about satanic dreams and it was super weird. 

We also got an exciting call from Elder Fisher! We found out that we are now part-time Car!!! We get a car for two days of the week and so now we can get a lot more done in our area! It's amazing!
But that night we gave the car to the missionaries we're sharing with and then missed our bus and had to hang out at the bus plaza way late. It was super scary!There was lots of high people and even a lady that could grow more facial hair than Elder Larsen! It was super sketchy!

Saturday was the funeral for Brother Marx. He lived to be 100 yrs old, It was a really good service.
We also had an activity at the Deangelos on Saturday and had several of the young men from the ward come and fellowship one of our investigators. It was really good, and at the end we watched the Restoration video and had a really spiritual lesson.

That evening we rode the bus down to Billy's and on the bus we were the only ones there and the bus driver talked to us the whole time. It was a really good lesson!

Sunday was weird because of 9 a.m. church. We ended up giving Billy a blessing because he hurt his back really bad and couldn't make it to church. It was tough to see how much he was struggling, but I shared a scripture in 3 Nephi 22:7-8 that really helped him feel much better.

It was a really good week and I'm excited for how the work is going!

Love you all!
Elder Griffin

Faustin and the Elders

More posing with pizza!

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