Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coral's baptism and waaayyy too many mashed potatoes

The Elders with Billy and the ward mission leader
Hi Everyone!
This week has been CRAZY!
First things first, I am not getting transferred, so we'll be here for at least another six weeks, thank goodness!

Tuesday was pretty eventful, we taught Billy, our new miracle investigator, he injured his leg really bad and it was tough watching him suffer, but he has been doing, literally everything we asked him to to prepare for baptism. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he quit chew that night, Taught Law of Chastity, he dumped his girlfriend cause she wouldn't support him in his righteous desires, Just everything falling into place for him. It was amazing! He has such strong faith!

That afternoon we went to KFC for lunch and had wayyy too much food and so we decided we were going to take the mashed potatoes and give them to a homeless person. As we were leaving, one of the employees went into the bathroom right before Elder Larsen and locked the door and then 20 mins later came out and Elder Larsen said it reeked of marijuana, FUNNY! But back to the taters, We rode a bus downtown to go to Billy's and saw these homeless people who I had met in the past, but they were yelling at each other, so we decided to give them to another guy. We saw him standing there playing his guitar in the rain and Elder Larsen went up and gave them to him and the guy started singing about Elder Larsen and mashed potatoes. It was HILARIOUS! Downtown is so ridiculously wacky! I love it! 

Elder Maguet (the new AP) and Elder Griffin
That night, we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Maguet and I got a call at about 10:10 at night from the mission president. They were on the phone for 20 mins and then he came out of the other room and was like "Hey! I'm AP! I leave in the morning! So we stayed up all night packing and at about 3 a.m. we got to bed and the next morning we put all his stuff in the car and headed over to Spokane 2nd again and I stayed in a trio and he went off with the APs. It was ridiculous!

Wednesday in a trio was so much fun! We went downtown and talked to over 30 people in 3 hours! It was crazy! We even saw a cross dresser with a beard. We had Burger King and all sorts of other wacky stuff! It was so much fun! 

That night we had Coral's baptismal interview and during it, this random Meth-head walked into the church and was looking for a place to sleep, It was super weird! We also helped the Cuevas family move a couch down three flights of stairs and into Sis Cuevas's mom's house. It was lots of work!

Thursday we hung out in Felony Flats for a while and met some really interesting people and saw Billy that evening, We gave him a blessing for his leg and it was an interesting experience.

Friday we went to a Spanish posada (Christmas dinner) and then helped with clean up. It was way fun! We also did some Christmas caroling and had a zone meeting.

Elder Griffin, Coral Bergerson & Elder Larson
Saturday was Coral's baptism! Everything worked perfectly and it was such a spiritual experience baptizing her! We also had basketball that morning and Billy came and played!!! It was a huge miracle!!! He couldn't even walk two days earlier! The Priesthood is real! SO POWERFUL! Billy's faith is so huge! He gave us ties as a present later that day and it was just so cool spending time with him! I love Billy so much!

That night we did Zumba and it was tons of awkward fun! Also we went to a civil wedding for an ex'd member and it was a really interesting situation, but it was.. nice! Way interesting though!

Sunday Coral was confirmed and church was way way way chaotic afterwards. But the ward is doing so great and Billy is doing really well! That night we got transfers and everyone is staying except sis Taylor, who is going home now. It was way weird talking to someone, literally at the end of their mission. But she's going on to life!

Overall just a crazy week! There's even more that happened that I can't even fit it all in! 

Hope you all have an awesome week! 
Love ya!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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