Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Big foot is found!

They found big foot! Outside of Moscow, Idaho

Hey everyone!
It's been a good week!

Monday we had a really nice visit with a sister in Good Sams and visited John (a recent convert) and talked to him about his lesson he's giving in a couple weeks. 

Tuesday we spent the majority of the day planning for an area blitz with the missionaries in the area. We also had dinner with the Richards family, they're great!

Wednesday we went to Orphan Acres and spent the majority of the time there helping open a locked hood on an old ford dump truck. It was pretty funny and slow going.

Elder Griffin and Elder Toner
Thursday we did our usual weekly planning and service at the food bank, it was good and busy and we enjoyed visiting with the little old ladies there. Afterwards we had dinner and missionary correlation with Bro Schroeder and then went out to Syringa to visit Amber and Gregory. Gregory is going to be working towards getting the priesthood soon, and it's pretty exciting.

Friday we had district meeting, we also visited Jan out in Syringa and did some service for her.

Saturday we did some service for Amber helping clean up her yard and get the junk out. We then met all the missionaries at our church for a blitz on our area, it turned out pretty well and we got a few new potential people to teach. once we finished the blitz we went to Good Sams, it was an uneventful service time and didn't really do much. We had dinner with the St. Pierres and met Katie's twin, it was pretty weird. They looked way too much alike!
Moscow, Idaho

Sunday we had church, which was good as always and then we went to the Methodist church across from our apartment to help set up for the family of promise service. Afterwards we went to the Monson's for dinner. They are such a fun family and they make super good food! It was a great visit! WE finished the night by going to Barb's to teach her about the restoration. It wasn't the best lesson we've had, but it was a good lesson and she's going to read and pray about the book of Mormon. 
Pix of Katie to compare...pretty similar!
Bryce found Katie's lookalike!
Andrea St. Pierre in Moscow, Idaho

That's my week!
Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zone Training and Stake Conference with Elder Snow (and my favorite line of the letter..I'm NOT a knucklehead!)

Elder Snow came to Stake Conference
(Pretty cool!!! His son lived in the 8th Ward by us!)

Hey everyone!
It's been a pretty good week!

On Tuesday last week we went to orphan acres and we were putting in fence posts, it was lots of fun. lots of hard work. Afterwards we went to the Klingeburgs (who are moving to utah soon) and visited with their family, it was a really nice visit and we're helping them a lot with the move. We had dinner at the Bishop's home that evening and had some super tasty tacos! it was fun getting to know their family better and afterwards we rushed over to get to it Tuesday and played soccer in the new park across the street. It was lots of fun and fortunately, no one got hurt!

Wednesday we had a bit of a rough day, lots of people not home and lots of other people pretending to not be home. it was a good day though. We did drop by a talk from conference for Kelly and had a nice visit with her. she is doing really well and learning a lot of good things about the gospel.
Thursday we went to pullman to get our car fixed, it was a fun trip and afterwards we went and helped Bro Schroeder with vaccinating his daughters cows, it was a good service project and we enjoyed it a lot. We also served at the food bank and did lots of running around helping move boxes and such. it was fun. then we went to the Richards for dinner, it was a really good visit and really good food.

Elder Griffin and Elder Toner with Moscow, Idaho young men
Friday we had zone training. Lots of good lessons from our fellow missionaries about appropriate dress and such. (apparently it's hard to be obedient) but i'm not a knuckle head, so it wasn't too bad. We spent the afternoon helping close a missionary apartment with Elder Wall. It was good and we enjoyed our time with the walls. they are great. We had dinner with Bro Schroeder and had correlation meeting. It was really good and a lot of fun. We also went to Amber and Gregory's and had a really good lesson about strength through the atonement. It was good to see them again.

Saturday was stake conference and Elder Snow of the 70/ the church historian came to combined the stakes. It was a different kind of stake conference, but it was definitely good.

Sunday morning we had stake conference and the stakes were officially combined, now our ward gets our building to ourselves and it was just a "historic" stake conference. really good. That afternoon we had a really good lesson on the holy ghost and the blessings of the organization of the church. it was good. Kelly committed to praying about being baptized and i'm excited to follow up with her. We also stopped by Mrs Bush's house and she is still sick, but we're trying to get her member neighbors to reach out and take care of her. afterwards we went to Dinner with the Hansen family and had a really good visit. They are a fun family. Then we went to the Zirkers and followed up on their family mission plan. They did it and have seen miracles from it already! It was amazing!
That's pretty much my week!

love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Elder Toner, Orphan Acers, Food Bank, Closing an apartment

Hey everyone!
It's been a relatively uneventful and strange week.

Tuesday I picked up Elder Toner and spent most of the day helping him get settled, it was good to get to know him and it was fun to take him and let him meet the bishop and just have a good time.

Wednesday we went to orphan acres and had fun climbing allover some huge hay bales and covering them for storage. It was fun and a bit scary, being about 2 stories up and jumping around with pallets and tarps and things. I really enjoyed it. That evening we had a FHE with the Stellmon family and we taught them about family mission plans. it went really well and they're excited to make it happen!

Thursday we weekly planned and served at the food bank. it was a lot of fun and the little old lady's there were happy to  meet Elder Toner. We also saw Amber and Robin and had a nice lesson and visit with them.

Friday we started on helping close an apartment for Elder Wall, It was a lot of fun and a good project. we also visited Jan and had a good talk with her about general conference.

Saturday we watched General Conference at the stake center with other missionaries and had a lot of fun with lots of really good talks.

Sunday was really good as well and I think Elder Holland won for funniest talk this time! We had dinner at the Monson family's home, it was really fun and delicious. They have a great family. We also dropped by the Picarellas and said hi. It was good to see them again, but it doesn't look like they will be continuing to investigate for a while.

But that was pretty much my week. all is well and I'm having fun!
love ya'll! 
Elder Griffin