Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Fun!

Graham Craker Spokane Temple made by Elder Griffin

Hey everyone!
It's been an awesome week!

Family pix!
Monday we went to a family's home in the quail run ward for pday, we made graham cracker houses and I made a Spokane temple, it was lots of fun and it was just great having everyone together for a Christmas party!

Christmas morning paper football game
Tuesday we went to Orphan acres and mucked stalls, it was a pretty Crappy (pun definitely intended) job, but we had fun!

Temple Creation
Checking out the calendar
Wednesday we had district meeting and district lunch, it was lots of fun, we had stew courtesy of the Gouphs and had a good time as a district. We also worked at the food bank and it was fun spending time with all the little old ladies and doing service.

Thursday (Christmas eve!!!) we went to the Bolingers house with my district and we had dinner and did a live nativity with their family, it was hilarious and i ended up being a 60's Adam Sandler wise guy, it was pretty fun!
Lack of chairs, mission life is hard?!
Sister Murphey, Sister Rich, Elder Griffin, Johnson & Holmes
Friday (Christmas!!!!) we got ready for the day and had Elder Carlson and Dugan over for breakfast and opening presents, it was lots of fun! ElderDugan and Carlson got an official paper football set and we ended up playing it for an hour straight until it was time to meet up with Bishop Boydston to go to brunch. For brunch we were with the Sisters again as well as the Bishop of one of the young married wards, it was lots of fun and we had lots of good food! Then we went to the Boydston's and skyped! It was so great to see the family and talk for a bit! 

That evening we had a little get together for people staying in town and played some games at the institute and made sugar cookies and had fun. It was great! Then we went to Enrique's house for dinner and had quite possibly the best dinner I've had on my mission (he's a food science phd) It was great! Then we finished the night with Elder Carlson and Dugan at the institute playing botchie ball.
Opening Christmas presents together.
It was great! just an amazing christmas all around.

Saturday we did a lot of Christmas clean up and prepped for transfers.
Sunday we had church and then transfer calls, found out i'm going to Rolling Hill's which is in Moscow, My new companion is Elder Holmes and it's going to be great going back into a family ward!


That was my week!
Love ya'll! 
Elder Bryce Griffin

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fun Silly District Pictures

Elder Griffin, Sister Egbert, Rich, Johnson, Bryson, Murphey and Elder Troseth

 Sister Egbert, Rich, Johnson, Bryson, Murphey

 Sister Egbert, Rich, Bryson, Murphey, Johnson

Moscow Idaho District
Elder Griffin, District Leader

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Temple trip and caroling


Hey everyone!
it's been a good and busy week!
Monday we had a fairly uneventful day, just prepping for the week and getting ready for the road trip!
Tuesday we met up with the zone leaders elder LI and Davies and went to Spokane for the temple, it was really great! 

We did an endowment session and visited the sr missionaries and had Hu Hot and then in the evening I met up with Elder Satuala to go to the temple for Melissa's first time doing baptisms! It was great! 

All of the members I got super close with were there, several of them brought family names and it was just like going home! It was so great! I really miss them, but someday i'll be back again! 
Elder Griffin and Elder Troseth

That night we didn't get home until 9:40, the Wibergs dropped me off at the mission home and it was odd, like saying bye to mom and dad again! I love the Ponderosa ward!

Wednesday it snowed and I was lucky enough to be the only one with much snow driving experience, so I got to drive home, it was actually not too bad! T

hat afternoon we contacted the local food bank and signed up to go later in the week. It was great.

Elder Carlson and Elder Dugan
Elder Griffin and Elder Troseth

Thursday we had specialized training and had a great time with President and Sister Dymock, they taught us a lot, especially about our individual potentials, it was really cool. 

That night Elder Troseth and I tracked around in the snow and tried to contact a couple Referrals, we had dinner at Subway (thanks for the giftcard!!!) and it was just a fun night.

Elder Carlson
Friday we had the Goughs (SR couple) inspect our apartment, they were really impressed with how clean we are (that's right mom!) and afterwards we went to the foodbank, it was a really great experience, just a bunch of little old ladies and us, so they really appreciated all the help with lifting things. It was lots of fun and we're going back this week.

Saturday we went christmas caroling and had lots of fun with the missionaries we serve around, it was great. that was about the only eventful thing.
Elder Carlson and Elder Dugan

Sunday we had church, then correlation (there were not many people at church) and then we went with Elder Dugan and Carlson to Potlach to carol, it was lots of fun and while we were there we took some companion pictures. 
 It was nice! 
That was my week!
Thanks to everyone who has sent packages and letters, I really appreciate them!

LOve ya'll!
ELder Bryce Griffin

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mud, chopping wood and nativities

Elder Griffin, Elder Troseth, and Santa

Hey everyone!
It's been a pretty uneventful week!

Tuesday we had fun at Orphan acres, I helped pressure wash a bulldozer, which was coated in mud which left me completely coated in mud. it was super fun! then we went with Elder Fogle to help with his area since his companion was sick. had a couple fun lessons and a good day.

Moscow Idaho apartment

Wednesday we had district meeting and district lunch. it was pretty fun, Free sloppy joes from the institute. Then we went and helped chop wood for an elderly sister in the Potlach ward. After that we had a lesson with MIKI and taught her about family history, it went really well and she's super excited.

Thursday we didn't have anything too exciting, we helped with the nativities around the world event, which was pretty cool.
Pizza Perfection Menu
Friday We had another lesson with Miki and she's starting to make some headway on her family history, it was exciting.

Saturday we had district pancakes for fun and then I went with elder Fogul to Jenesse and had fun. it was great!

Sunday was uneventful.

It's been great!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Orphan Acers and break the fast

December 7, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a bit of a difficult week, but I'm plugging along just fine!

Horse at Orphan Acers
Monday we played Giant volleyball for p-day, it was lots of fun! 

Orphan Acers abused horse farm

Tuesday we went to Orphan Acres (an abused horse farm) and helped spread hay for the horses to eat, it was fun, we also helped to move some of the fences, which was a lot of work since the ground was frozen. Afterwards we went to pizza perfection and a couple monster pizza's! they are HUGE!!!

The Monster...from Pizza Perfection, Moscow Idaho

Wednesday  we had a lesson with a new investigator, his name is Dillon, it was an interesting lesson, we taught him the restoration and when we taught him about the first vision and asked what it would mean to him if we had a prophet today, he just sat there and was like "WHOA, it'd be mind blowing!"
it was super cool! the spirit was way strong!

Thursday we had district lunch, we made Mexican food, it was tasty and it was a fun time as a district. We also taught Sean and helped him with Mission preparations.

Friday we had Zone meeting, it was really focused towards improving our studies, it was very uplifting and we learned a lot.

Saturday we had a really slow day. It was rough, but we did the best we could with what we have. We ended up getting some family history work done, which was really good and we also set up a Christmas tree in our apartment!

Sunday we had break the fast after church, it was really good. Then we went to the Christmas devotional and afterwards there was a multi faith christmas concert at the stake center, it was really good, there is a lot of talent here in Moscow. It was a fun week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hey everyone!
Sister Adamson
Sister Adamson, Bryson, Murphy, Rich and the Goffs
Elder Griffin and Troseth

Elder Griffin with homemade pumpkin cake!!!!

It's been such a good week!

Monday we had a fun pday we bought a monster pizza and it was HUGE 26 inches! Then we went to the stake center and played a bunch of random games, lots of fun.
6 fingered man
Tuesday we went on exchanges and elder Terry came here, it was lots of fun, we went to orphan acres in Potlach and helped chop and move wood, it was lots of fun. Then we went and tried to talk to people, but campus was empty, so it was slow going.

Wednesday we had district meeting, it was great, we talked about ch 5 in pmg and had french toast for lunch, it was fun. then we decorated the institute and just had tons of fun. it was great! I love my district.  That evening i made pumpkin cake for thanks giving and it was great!
Elder Griffin, Troseth, Sister Rich, Murphy, Adamson, and Bryson
Thursday was Thanksgiving, we had fun, despite not many prospects for things to do. For breakfast we made pumpkin pancakes and smoothies and had fun together as a companionship, then went over to Troy and Potlach's apartment after studies and then we went to the institute for lunch with the Goughs and had turkey and ham and potatoes, it was great! such good food. Then we went with Elder Dougan and Carlson and had fun at a members eating waaayyy too much food. It was fun. then we played games at the institute with my district and watched church movies and ate leftovers. it was just an overall wonderful day.
Another pair of pants bites the dust
Friday we went to an animal shelter to help "socialize" animals, so we played with some dogs for a little while, it was enjoyable. then we went across town to meet up with the district and rake leaves for a random lady so much fun.

Saturday we helped cut wood for the Gushells and enjoyed a turkey sandwich lunch, it was really good and lots of fun work.

Sunday was overall uneventful, it was a good day.
Elder Troseth, institute parking lot
That was my week!
love ya'lL!
Elder Griffin