Monday, February 29, 2016

On the mend, ready to work hard!

Elder Griffin engraving wallet
Hey Everyone!
it's been a bit of a drag of a week.
Elder Williams and I were both too sick to proselyte most of the week so we got to know the inside of our apartment really well. 
Monday we did the essentials of pday.
Tuesday we had to cancel everything, i did lots of scripture study and throwing a ball at the wall (thanks to katie for the little soccer ball toy!)
Wednesday same thing
Thursday we weekly planned and about the same thing.
Friday we had district meeting and just the hour and a half of social interaction with other humans was amazing. then about the same for the rest of t he day.
Saturday we started feeling better and were able to do a couple things, but for the most part didn't get a lot done. We also had interviews with President and Sister Dymock, it was so good to see them again. Some of my favorite people in the world!
Elder Griffin at Orphan Acers
Sunday we were all better, Church was a blast and it was just a really good day, we had a great lesson with Kelly about the restoration, she's slowly getting to understand the restoration a little bit more personally. Afterwards we hurried home to finish our preparations for the lesson that evening with the Picarellas, about 5 mins to 5 we found out someone was plannning on us for dinner so we rushed out the door to make it to our dinner appt ontime and then we went to the Picarellas and had a great lesson with Bishop. We talked a lot about the beauties of the gospel and how just because we don't like/understand on part, we shouldn't let the one little thing rob us of all the many blessings there are! It was a really good lesson and i came away with a much greater appreciation for all the beautiful treasures of the gospel. Eternal families, peace in hard times, strength to overcome weaknesses, increased love and appreciation for family and loved ones. It truly touched me. Good lesson.
That's my week!
love ya!
Elder Bryce Griffin

View from Rolling Hills, Idaho apartment

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Word of wisdom woes, feeding the hungry and teaching


Hey everyone!
It's been a fun and interesting week! Unfortunately the computer is being funny again, so no pics two weeks in a row, but next week we'll fix that and get them to ya!

Last Tuesday was pretty uneventful, a couple drop bys that didn't turn out. 

How do you feel when there is no coffee?
Wednesday we had a lesson with Tom and found out that he's still frustrated with the word of wisdom. It's really difficult to get to him and so we're trying to address it in different ways. For whatever reason he is stuck on the fact that Coffee isn't okay, but Soda is. It's frustrating, but we're working him through it.

Thursday we weekly planned, did service at the food bank, visited the Pennington's and then dropped off a scripture in 3 Nephi for Kelly. We also gave some mormon tabernacle Choir CD's to a sister out in Syringa. It was a pretty good day and it seemed like we did a lot of good.

Friday we had district meeting and unfortunately I got sick, so we didn't do a lot of proselyting. It was a good opportunity to work on our area book though. 

Saturday we went out with one of the Priests in the ward and had couple of good contacts, nothing too exciting, but we did some good. We had dinner with the Berglund's that evening and had barbecue. It was great.

Sunday we had ward conference, it was great to learn from our stake leaders. After church we gave a priesthood blessing to a sister in good sam's and then went to Kelly's and read through a portion of 3rd Nephi. It was really good and we were able to resolve some of her concerns about baptism. She's still not ready for a date, but hopefully soon!

Love ya'll!
E Bryce Griffin

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coffee shop, cards, handball and BACON family!

Elder Griffin at Orphan Acers

February 16, 2016
Hey everyone!
It's been a fun week!
Monday night we said goodbye to a couple members with elder Holmes and then Tuesday morning we shipped him out.
My new companion is Elder Ryan Williams from Layton UT, He's a lot of fun and we've enjoyed working together. He's been out for about 8 months now and we've been working a lot on cleaning up our area book. 
Moscow Missionaries working the acers
Tuesday we spent most of the day dealing with transfer things, getting settled and we had get to it Tuesday, it was lots of fun, we played handball.
Wednesday  we gave a really good church tour to Kristen and had a whole herd of children there. it was pretty fun showing them all the rooms of the church building. For dinner we went to the Bacons, it was a lot of fun. we really enjoy the Bacons. They're a great family.
Thursday we had a lesson with Nancy in a coffee shop, it was lots of fun and unfortunately she isn't interested in the church, but she is going to read the book of Mormon, so i trust in it's converting power. We also did service at the food bank and it was absolutely a delight. I love the food bank!
Friday was pretty uneventful, but we had a really good dinner with the Mortensen's and it was just like going home! They're a great family.
Saturday we met with Bishop and it was great to get to know him better and work with him to help us better do the work in this area. We also went to Good samaritans and had a good game of cards with lester and it was just a good service opportunity.
Crappy job!
Sunday we had the Stake conference broadcast, which was amazing. then we went to priesthood preview with Gregory, then afterwards participated in a ward baptism for a boy named William, IT was really good and he was really happy the missionaries participated in his confirmation. Afterwards we went to the Deobalds and had a really good lesson with Kelly on Scripture study, we brought a RM sister with us to help fellowship Kelly and it was pretty funny because it was like we were teaching in a trio. Other than that, there isn't much else that happened, lots of walking and lots of fun discussions with Elder Williams.
Love Ya'll!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

18 month pants burning, teaching, learning and serving!

February 8, 2016
Hey Everyone!

18 month Pants burning
Found a really big oven to burn the pants in!

It's been a really good week!
Monday for p-day we played sock soccer (which is surprisingly dangerous!) but very fun. I also got an engraving tool and a leather wallet and spent the week making myself a new wallet.(its nice to have little projects to do at the end of the night.) Tuesday we spent the morning at orphan acres where I burned my 18 months mark pants, and we helped shovel horse poo, it was lots of fun. always good to get a little dirty!
Wednesday we tried a lot of less active families and had some success, nothing too groundbreaking though.
Thursday we weekly planned and did service at the Moscow food bank. It was a lot of fun and we were able to get a lot done. we had dinner with the Picarellas and had a great lesson. We were able to have Brother Picarella ask us a lot of his questions and answer them to the best of our ability. We also saw amber and Gregory and had a nice lesson with them.
Elder Griffin engraved these
Friday we had zone meeting, and learned a lot about the atonement. it was really great. Afterwards we had lunch with the zone and went to work. It was elder Holmes birthday so I surprised him with his favorite meal at a great family in the ward's home. it was lots of fun. We also visited the Barnes that evening and it was really good.
Saturday we went out to the boonies and met some really great people boonie tracting. It was lots of fun and our car got really messy. It was great.That evening we finished preparing some lessons for Sunday and helped the paradise ridge elders with their appts.

Sunday was good and busy. We had an amazing lesson with Kelly on Justification and sanctification, she has really had a change of heart since we've focused on teaching her doctrine. IT's been amazing watching the idea that "true doctrine understood changes behavior" it's definitely true. I've seen it in her and she's coming so close to baptism now, whereas before she felt very distant from it. IT's been great! That evening we had dinner with the Martin family and they made cafe rio sweet pork, it was sooo good! Just like going home! that evening was transfer calls and we found out that elder Holmes is going to Chewelah and i'm staying here, my new companion is elder Williams, haven't had the chance to connect with him yet, so hopefully that happens soon. But i'm excited to be staying here in rolling hills.

Working at Orphan Acers

 Sister Thompson and Elder Cuevas working at Orphan Acers
That's all from me, Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin
Pirate Bryce

Pirate Bryce

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"P-DAY" was full of some fun "P's"! Perfect!


District Meeting in Moscow, Idaho
Hey everyone!
it's been an absolutely great week! 
Monday we had an awesome time at the family home evening with the Picarellas and Penningtons and a couple other families in the ward. We had our lesson on the word of wisdom and the It was perfect! Afterwards we played around the world pingpong and then had treats. it was great.
Tuesday we went to orphan acres and got nice and messy. lots of Horse stalls that needed cleaned. that night we had get to it Tuesday and played gator ball. Luckily no one got injured, it was a lot of fun.
Wednesday we did a blitz in a little town called Julietta. it was lots of fun. there were some really nice people and the scenery is just beautiful. We also had dinner with the Martin family and had Ratatouille! it was delicious! then we went to a former investigators house and set up an appt, so hopefully it works out!
Thursday we did service at the food bank, it was really busy! (it usually is at the end of the month.) so we were very much needed. it was a lot of fun as always. That evening we had dinner and correlation with the Schroeders and then went to a lesson with a new investigator named Barb. she's a really nice lady and she's going to be great to teach! afterwards we went to the Giddings and basically got antied. it was interesting. not going to continue teaching them. they DO NOT want to know if the church is true.
Friday we had district meeting, which is always a delight. we helped the Paradise ridge elders with their area and then went to dinner with Bro Bacon. he Bought us Pizza and went out with us after dinner to a couple teaching appts. it was really nice and a lot of fun.
Saturday we had a great time doing service at the Good samaritan sr care facility and then went out to amber's and had a lesson with her son. it was really good, we taught the plan of salvation and he really got it much better. her other, less morally inclined son, stayed for the lesson too and it was really good.
Sunday was absolutely perfect! Church was great, really good speakers and lessons. the Picarellas and Deobalds came to church It was great.  after church we went to the Deobalds and taught the plan of salvation using the parable of the good samaritan. IT was great. The father Participated, which was HUGE and at the end of the lesson we even got Kelly to pray! (it was her first vocal one in a long long time) it was huge progress for their family and I'm just happy to be a part of it. For dinner we went to the Schroeders and had a lesson with one of their neighbors. it was wonderful. Lots of good fellowship and it was nice to meet her.
That's my week! love ya'll!