Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Word of wisdom woes, feeding the hungry and teaching


Hey everyone!
It's been a fun and interesting week! Unfortunately the computer is being funny again, so no pics two weeks in a row, but next week we'll fix that and get them to ya!

Last Tuesday was pretty uneventful, a couple drop bys that didn't turn out. 

How do you feel when there is no coffee?
Wednesday we had a lesson with Tom and found out that he's still frustrated with the word of wisdom. It's really difficult to get to him and so we're trying to address it in different ways. For whatever reason he is stuck on the fact that Coffee isn't okay, but Soda is. It's frustrating, but we're working him through it.

Thursday we weekly planned, did service at the food bank, visited the Pennington's and then dropped off a scripture in 3 Nephi for Kelly. We also gave some mormon tabernacle Choir CD's to a sister out in Syringa. It was a pretty good day and it seemed like we did a lot of good.

Friday we had district meeting and unfortunately I got sick, so we didn't do a lot of proselyting. It was a good opportunity to work on our area book though. 

Saturday we went out with one of the Priests in the ward and had couple of good contacts, nothing too exciting, but we did some good. We had dinner with the Berglund's that evening and had barbecue. It was great.

Sunday we had ward conference, it was great to learn from our stake leaders. After church we gave a priesthood blessing to a sister in good sam's and then went to Kelly's and read through a portion of 3rd Nephi. It was really good and we were able to resolve some of her concerns about baptism. She's still not ready for a date, but hopefully soon!

Love ya'll!
E Bryce Griffin

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