Monday, September 28, 2015

Service, District Meeting and Missionary Musical fireside make for a great week!

September 28, 2015

Hi Everyone!!!!

It's been a sweet week!

Monday was Sweet, pday was fun as always, and then we went to the Jeromechecks and had calzones for dinner! it was so Good! Mama J is the best! That evening we also set some new goals for our companionship to help us move the work forward more effectively!

Tuesday we did service for the spokane Valley food bank! It was sweet! Sorting potatoes, I love food banks! It's quality, fun work! Then we went to the stake center and practiced for the musical fireside coming up on  Sunday.   After we helped Brandon with some family history and actually made some good progress. Then we saw Keeta and she's all healthy and ready to start progressing! it was sweet!

Wednesday we did service at inland NW baby and sorted diapers for a couple hours. it was fun! we helped the lloyd family move out that evening, we're gonna miss them. We had dinner at the wagners and they made smoothies that had kale in it! It actually tasted really really good!  Then we finished our evening at the Wibergs, it was great! I love the Wibergs!

Thursday we spent the afternoon helping Bro. Wiberg hang lights in trees for his daughters wedding reception, it was really fun and a lot of good work. then we went to the Ence's house for dinner, they're going home soon and we're gonna miss them! Then we finished the evening at Brandon's and had a good chat with him.

Friday we had district meeting and then a lesson with Melissa before we went to Choir practice. It was a really good lesson, she's got awesome questions and she always throw's us for a loop when she starts asking questions. she's awesome. Golden! after Choir practice we had some extra time and some sisters had an emergency with making a baptismal program for baptisms the next day, i was able to help them and it was a fun little project. That evening we saw the Powells, which is always nice.

Saturday was fairly uneventful, but it was a good day. we were able to take some time and visit sis Moosmen, she's awesome! She's always a pleasure.

Sunday we had church and such, nothing too exciting, except in the evening we had the missionary musical fireside, unfortunately I wasn't able to do any trumpet stuff because i couldn't find one, but it was an amazing, spirit packed event. it was really really good.

It was an amazing week! love ya'll!

Elder Griffin

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Best haircut ever...(no offense mom!)

Elder Satuala and Elder Griffin
September 21, 2015

Hi Everyone!

The Last week has been fairly uneventful.

Monday we went bowling for p-day, it was lots of fun, we got the whole zone there and it was just super relaxed and lots of fun!

Tuesday we had the car and Helped Glenyss Move some things in her house with the help of Brandon, then we went to inland NW baby and helped sort a ton of clothes. it was really good. lots of fun.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Melissa at the Temple and gave her a priesthood blessing to help her quit smoking, it was really cool, we gave it on the temple grounds because the church was locked. It was a really neat experience.

Thursday we got a call from the AP's and they asked us if we could do some service for the Paul Mitchell school, so we all went and got free haircuts! it was awesome! one of the best haircuts i've ever had ( no offense mom). We also helped the walls set up an apartment for the new senior couple in the mission, that was really good. Then we went to dinner with the Kish's at Red Robins, it was delicious!
Friday was zone conference, we had really good trainings and it was a lot of fun, that night we went on exchanges with the ZL's and Elder Magalei was my companion for the day.

Saturday was just exhausting, we did a tracting blitz in the Bowdish ward and then lots and lots of walking the  rest of the day. I was pooped at the end of the day.

Sunday was uneventful, we had a good day at church and had dinner at the Powells, they're awesome, so it was a good visit.

That's my week!
Love ya'll!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Zone Conference

September 14, 2015

HI everyone!
Elder Daniel Johnson of the Seventy
it's been a busy week!

Wednesday we did service at inland NW baby and helped a new investigator with his yard, Brandon came and helped, it was great! He really appreciated it. 

Thursday we had a sweet zone conference with Elder Johnson of the 70 and it was great! He talked a lot about making members more comfortable with doing missionary work, it was great and i've been able to better teach that concept to members, it's been great! 

We also had a lesson with the luna's and had an amazing lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Melissa and her friend Bill, it was great! She's so excited for the gospel it's been great! 

Friday we had weekly planning and saw a bunch of people and just worked hard. It was good.

Saturday we had a blitz in the Dishman Micah ward, we met these really cool LA members who were willing to invite us in, it was great. That evening we had pizza with the Porter family, it was lots of fun. 

On our way home from their house everyone decided to be grumpy. We had a guy pull over his car to try to anti us, then we had a guy give us the bird and drive way to close to us and then another person drove by and threw something at me, luckily they missed, because i was going super fast and it woulda been an ugly crash.

Sunday was nice, we had church and Melissa came and asked all sorts of good questions and especially about baptism, it was cool. She's got a lot to overcome, but she's also got a lot of faith. that evening we had dinner at the Mckluskies, it was super good and lots of fun! 

That's pretty much my week!
love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What? Another new companion?!

Hey Everyone, it's been an interesting week. Very very interesting.

Monday we had a really good p-day, but Elder Linde ended up having his medical condition act up and so he got picked up by the Sr missionaries and I went to a FHE at the Powells, it was super good! Then we went and stayed the night in the mission home because President and Sister Dymock felt it was the best option. So it was an interesting night, really nice staying in the mission home though, like a hotel but even nicer!
Elder Satula & Elder Griffin
Tuesday was completely nuts! We went to a bunch of dr's appt's and got Linde's diagnoses and were told that he would be going home to recover, so we went to the Dymocks and President took Elder Linde into his office and Elder Satuala said "HI I"M YOUR NEW COMPANION!" and just like that I'm freaking out! and Elder Linde ended up leaving the next morning back to the land of endless p-days! It was sad, but for the better. That evening we went to the Vasquez's and gave Brittany a priesthood blessing to help her get better. The Flu is going around now! Woo!

Wednesday we had a huge miracle night! Keeta is on date and Kjirstie is on date now! It was amazing! We had the help of the Powells to get them both excited to go to the temple and it was just amazing! Then after that we visited Glennyss and helped resolve some concerns that came up after our last visit, it was great!
Elder Satula and Elder Griffin

Thursday wasn't too exciting, we had dinner at the Luna's, FINGER STEAKS!!! They were super good! Then we went to Glenyss' house and had a great lesson about the Book of mormon and it started getting cold up here!

Friday we helped Elder Wall move some things for a missionary apartment and then went to zone training, it was good, then we helped a family move into the ward and had dinner at the Portray's, it was great!

Saturday we had the zone blitz in our area and it was great! Lots of new people to work with and so it's super exciting! We also had a great visit with the Sweckers and they're going to talk about starting to come to church and such, it's gonna be sweet!

Sunday we had a crazy day, Elder Larsen caught the flu and we had dinner at Mama J's house, pancakes! they were super good!

Monday we had a good day, collected some cigarettes from an investigator, did some service for Glenyss and she gave us a pie and just had a good day. It was great!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin
Not sure the significance of this picture, it came with no explanation.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Service, smoke and investigators make for great week!

August 31, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a sweet week!

Monday we helped with fear busting and had fun and said goodbye to some people for Jorgie and bowled and had fun. it was a good day.

Tuesday we had the new trainer meeting and had fun. It was good. Linde hit his head on the ceiling fan in our room, which was hilarious, Perks of getting the bottom bunk! We also had a really in depth discussion with Glennyss on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was intense. We also visited Jill and are gonna work with her on quitting smoking again, this time she's gonna get it! We also got to talk to Riley about the for strength of youth pamphlet, more specifically dating, it was a good discussion and she really appreciated it.

Wednesday we had a really good visit with the Lunas and we're working with them on setting goals for going to the temple. it's going to be really good. We also had a church tour with Melissa Clark and she's just awesome!

Elder Griffin and Elder Lyndie
Thursday we helped elder wall with some missionary apartment furniture and such. It was good. Then we did service with inland NW baby and it was great as always. We had a really good weekly planning session and then we went to Glenyss's for a lesson and brought Sis Price with us, she was super bold and it was a really really good visit!

Friday we had a good district meeting and then gave a church tour to the Powells, (our appt cancelled) but it was really good practice and we just had a good time. Then we finished planning the blitz for our area on Saturday and then visited Sis Moosmen. That evening we went to the Powells and it basically turned into a missionary correlation meeting, it was super good.

Saturday we had an interesting day, we went to a ward service activity in Valley Ford and then the smoke and dust started to get really bad, so we got a text from the mission saying to stay inside as much as possible and to not go out proselyting except for set appointments. so we stayed inside and studied and planned and didn't do the blitz and just had a crazy day!

Sunday was sweet! We had 5 investigators at church and the lessons were all super good! We also finished the plans for the Powells FHE this evening and had a great visit with Holly and Riley talking about the organization of the church. it was super cool!

That's my week!
love ya'll!
Elder Griffin