Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Zone Conference

September 14, 2015

HI everyone!
Elder Daniel Johnson of the Seventy
it's been a busy week!

Wednesday we did service at inland NW baby and helped a new investigator with his yard, Brandon came and helped, it was great! He really appreciated it. 

Thursday we had a sweet zone conference with Elder Johnson of the 70 and it was great! He talked a lot about making members more comfortable with doing missionary work, it was great and i've been able to better teach that concept to members, it's been great! 

We also had a lesson with the luna's and had an amazing lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Melissa and her friend Bill, it was great! She's so excited for the gospel it's been great! 

Friday we had weekly planning and saw a bunch of people and just worked hard. It was good.

Saturday we had a blitz in the Dishman Micah ward, we met these really cool LA members who were willing to invite us in, it was great. That evening we had pizza with the Porter family, it was lots of fun. 

On our way home from their house everyone decided to be grumpy. We had a guy pull over his car to try to anti us, then we had a guy give us the bird and drive way to close to us and then another person drove by and threw something at me, luckily they missed, because i was going super fast and it woulda been an ugly crash.

Sunday was nice, we had church and Melissa came and asked all sorts of good questions and especially about baptism, it was cool. She's got a lot to overcome, but she's also got a lot of faith. that evening we had dinner at the Mckluskies, it was super good and lots of fun! 

That's pretty much my week!
love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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