Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Service and a super Sunday!

October 26, 2015

Hi everyone, it's been a great and interesting week.

Spokane Valley Food Bank
I forgot my journal so it's not going to be very organized today.

Monday was pday, always lots of fun. 

Tuesday we did service at the foodbank and had a good time, we also had dinner at Timbercreek buffet with the Kish's.

Timbercreek Grill Buffet
Wednesday we went to the baby place and did service and then we went to Dr. Crumps office for Elder Satuala to get a dental implant and spent the rest of the day helping him get comfortable for recovery.

Thursday we helped Brandon rake his neighbors leaves and it was good. He opened up a lot and we might have an investigator of him soon! We had dinner with the Meredith's that evening and then we went and visited with bishop, it was a good visit.

Spokane Valley Library
Friday we visited Jaime and he's been extremely humbled, it was great to see! In a round about way, he plans to come to church and it was a great visit with him. Then we had district service and went and helped at the library preparing for a book fair. It was lots of fun and lots of work. That evening we went to the high priest group activity and had a fun visit with Sis Moosmen and other members of the ward, we also went on exchanges and Elder Hill from across the hall came to Ponderosa with me. It was fun and we did lots of walking.

Saturday we blitzed the Belle Terre area and basically walked up a million stairs in the apartment complex by the temple. It was exhausting. Then we helped at the library again and went to the Powells for dinner.

Sunday  was amazing! It was a great Sunday! We talked in sacrament and had 4 investigators at church! It was great! The spirit was super strong and everything went great! Then we had dinner with the Mcluskies after and it was super good! Then we went to youth standards night and it was just awesome! Amazing week all around, though chaotic.

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Training, ARP, & Service

October 20, 2015
Hey Everyone!

It's been a pretty good work, lots of service and fun!

Tuesday I had a new district leader Training and it was lots of fun, we learned a lot and enjoyed lunch at the Dymocks. It was a really good meeting. That evening we went with Melissa to the family history center and had tons of fun, we even found some family names for her and put her on date, it was great!

District Leader Training

Wednesday we went to Arp and it was really good, we also did some service with Brandon, he's doing really good lately. 

Thursday we weekly planned and helped at the baby place, Trina isn't there anymore, which is kinda a disappointment, but she needed to move on.  We also went to the family history center with Melissa again and helped her some more, made some cool finds for her, it was really good.

Friday we had district meeting, we had sister fisher come and help, it was really good. we had dinner that evening at the Coleman's, who just moved from spo2 and she invited a bunch of people form spo 2, it was like going home, it was great!

Saturday we did lots of service, we helped rake leaves at the church, then we went to Melissa's and helped her paint a room to help her with selling her house, then we went and helped an investigator move some stuff into his garage and then finally put on pros attire with a couple hours left in the day, it was really fun.

Sunday we had an amazing day at church, Melissa came and the talks in sacrament meeting were excellent! then Sunday school we taught and had an amazing discussion, it was all around awesome! I just loved it.

That's my week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Training Meeting at the mission home

(BackL) Elders Jefferies, Christensen, Griffin, Larsen, Ledbetter, Wilcox, Monson, Davis; & Lyden; (MidL) Elders J Hawkins, Shirk, R. Wood, Park, Dugan, Brown, Bannatyne, Kosmicki, Green, Sis & Pres Dymock; (FrontL) Sisters Mills, Rencher, Kruitbosch, Johnson, Nakayu, Elders Davies &; Rasmusson. 10-13-15 Mission Home

Great Training Today for New Leaders – including District, Zone and Sister Training Leaders. (These two pics are pretty much the same except for one missionary’s face. Can you find it?!). Some of our leaders are new to their assignment, and others have been serving awhile but had not received the training. The Assistants (Elders Lyden & Jefferies) converted the downstairs family room of the Mission Home into a “classroom” for the day-long training session. We broke for lunch and then returned to the “classroom” for more! Thanks, Elders and Sisters, for taking our mission to the next level of performance through your leadership and love!‪#‎lovemissionariesinthemissionhome‬!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moving others and changes in teaching

Hi Everyone!
Elder Satuala, Fowler, HIll, Griffin
Elder Wall in back

It's been another great week!

Tuesday we helped with Transfers, elder Larsen got transferred. it was a chaotic day, lots of fun though! that evening we got a call from the spokane 1st elders and ended up helping one of my investigators from back then move a ton of stuff into a storage unit. it was fun, and kinda crazy!

Wednesday we helped the Walls set up a new apartment for some sisters, it was a lot of fun, but three flights of stairs and a bunch of furniture later, I was kinda sore.

Thursday we weekly planned and helped a bit more with moving, lots of fun as always.
Friday we had zone training, which was super good. President Dymock changed a bunch of things, and i'm excited for it. That evening we saw Melissa and she's doing awesome. She's getting help with quitting smoking and it was just really good.

Saturday was alright, We worked hard and had a fun day, tried lots of potentials, with little success, but still a fun day.

Sunday we saw Melissa before church and it was a super good visit, she's doing great with quitting smoking and she's just doing awesome. we gave her lots to study to help her stay busy in her free time. She's great. Church was really good and we just had a great day. Sabbaths are truly a delight since i've tried focusing more on the spirit rather than all the logistics of missionary work. it's been good.

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trip to the ER and general conference

Elder Satualula
October 5, 2015

Hi everyone!

It's been quite the week!  Got to go to the ER and everything!

Tuesday we had an interesting dinner, Duck, goose and pheasant steaks! it was really good! that night we went to the er with the walls and had a ball! it was entertaining to say the least. we got ice cream on the way home.

Wednesday the rash came back! it was frustrating, but we got it taken care of. We had dinner at the Wibergs, it was fun. Love them!

Thursday we helped move some things for the sr apartments and invited everyone to general conference, it was fun. Good day.

This weekend was general conference and it was just amazing! so much power! the spirit was strong. it was great! My rash ended up kicking in at the end of the first session on Sunday and we ran to the mission home and they didn't have any
benedril, so we hurried home and got it taken care of before it got too bad. It was great.

Sorry for the shortness, but it was a great week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin