Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Plan

Elder Andrews, Esser and Griffin
My Plan
Name: Griffin, Bryce Jacob
What are the most important spiritual truths the Lord has taught you?
The lord has called ME on my mission, not someone else. He know's ME and wants ME to be the best I can. HE wants me to be ME and to help ME grow. He cannot do that if i try to be someone else. Be Genuine. That's what the lord wants and that's what others want.
IT is by small and simple things that the lord brings about great things. Improvement happens line upon line. not in massive quantities. Don't let the world seem so large. The way you move an mountain is one spoon full at a time. So I Will continually improve little by little throughout my life. I don't have to be perfect now.
The scriptures are great. They really do have the answers to all of life's questions. The lord guides us as we study them.
What Christlike attributes has the Lord helped you develop?
Hope, as in trusting in God and His timing.
Diligence, The ability to keep pressing on even when things are tough.
Trust in the lord's anointed servants. I have developed the trust in my leaders to follow even when I don't completely understand.
My one-year vision:
» Personal spirituality I want to be deeply involved in scripture study and prayer. Teaching and learning with those around me. I want to be a good example to my roommates and friends as well as my family. I want to share pieces of light with everyone I come in contact with. » Relationships with family, friends, and others I want to love and serve my family and friends and others. I want to be involved in community service and in spending quality time with those who I love even though I will be away for school. » Service in the Church I want to be fully engaged in serving in the wards where I live. Ministering to those around me. I want my personnel motto to be "Never Let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I want to be someone who the lord knows he can trust to take care of things if he needs me to. » Education, career, or business pursuits I want to have a part time job, preferable in the physical therapy field, I want to be engaged in college fully as I work towards becoming a physical therapist. I want to focus on my education and make my scholarships and the support of my family worth it.
Goals that will help me achieve my one-year vision:
Set time aside every week for studying and focusing on education.
Plan time in every week for family time whether that be traveling to St. George or just taking time for phone calls and skyping.
Apply for Jobs in an area that will fit around school and family time and focus on networking with positive individuals to help me find good places to work.
I want to wake up early every morning before I have to get going for school and work so that i can take time to study the scriptures and pray
If possible, I want to work in the temple as a baptizer in the baptistery or at least attend the temple weekly.
How will you continue the habit of personal prayer at home?
Set apart specific times to be able to pray and spend time alone with the lord, Morning and evening.
How will you continue your scripture study habits after you return home?
What will I study?
The Book of Mormon, Preach my gospel, which has become the key to my scripture study, and also other standard works and books written by church leaders. Practice note taking in my scriptures, keep a study journal that i can use to refer to things I've learned.
When will I study?
I will set aside time every morning before my days start to study the scriptures, regardless of what kind of a day I have ahead and when that day starts.
How long will I study?
Minimum 10 minutes every day, preferable longer. I would like to wake up an hour before i need to be up and going to pray and study
Why is attending Church and partaking of the sacrament each week important?
That is how I can maintain my course on being with Heavenly father again. Those quiet moments before receiving the sacrament are sacred times to reflect and meditate on goals I've set for Personal improvement.
Where do you plan to attend Church meetings after you return home?
Either in my home ward or in the ward that covers my apartments at my college campus. Depends on how quickly I get settled.
What are your goals for participating in temple and family history work?
I would like to take time each week to work on family history work and I also would like to attend the temple each week. It appears as if an opportunity to become a baptizer for the temple has come up and i'm hoping to get that position and attend each week on Saturday morning.
How will you continue to give service after returning home?
I would like to look for opportunities to serve in the temple, local food banks, in my wards and i want to visit my grandparents and family often, giving them the service that they need Visiting widows and elderly homes in my area, visiting the sick and needy. spending time with family and loved ones.
My plans to attend institute
Class name:
Depends on what fits my schedule best at suu when i get home. Still TBD
Cedar City UT
Start date:
August 2016
My Plans for Education
Attend SUU and earn a bachelors in sports medicine/ kinetic sciences and then go to a PT school to prepare to become a physical therapist. Hopefully I will be able to get a Part time job working in that field so I can have hours of experience and be prepared for the career.
My Plans for Employment
Immediately, I'm Hoping to find a job in the physical therapy career field that requires little education so I can get experience in that field before I get too deep into schooling. Further down the line (7-10 years) I'm planning on becoming a physical Therapist and after saving up enough (15-20 years) I am planning on owning my own PT practice.
What are my goals for dating after my mission?
I plan to spend evenings for my first weeks home with Marlee and once I head off to college I will try to spend Friday evenings on dates and Saturday mornings in the temple with her
and then Saturday afternoon we'll spend time together with our families.
I want to be open about my spirituality and be open to making new friends at school as well as keep in contact with old friends that are positive influences and perspective future spouses. Temple Marriage for sure.
Be open and honest, be the same me with my friends as i am around young women and other's. I don't want to hide behind a mask.
What personal standards will guide you in dating?
Can I see your temple recomend? Try to focus dating activities around spiritual things. Don't allow myself to be out too late or alone in private places where temptation may come. Only date girls who hold a high standard of modesty. Date girls who have similar goals as me IE, temple marriage, career and family, etc.
My Life's Vision
My Purpose in life is to create a life and family that is a righteous example to others of what it means to follow Christ, To look to God in all things and to direct my family and friends back to my Father in Heaven through sacred covenants and righteous pursuits, that we all may repent and return to live with our families and our Father in Heaven again.

Last P-day Letter home, Testimony


Hi everyone!
It has been quite the week! 
Monday was fairly uneventful, we spent the afternoon with the cooks, which was very uneventful for a p-day and then we went  to the Nelsons and had a really good visit and gave them the sacrament and such. It was really good. they're a great family.
Tuesday we had a first lesson with Marie, who's a new investigator. Her family just moved in and they're looking for a new church, we took Sister Leavitt and had a really good and quick lesson. Although the first time we knocked, the little girl answered the door and said to come in, we asked her to get her mom, who we later found out was in the shower, so it was funny and awkward. Really glad we had Sis Leavitt there. Otherwise it would've been really really awkward! Afterwards we had a really good lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Calvin, he opened up a lot, and accepted a baptismal invite and said the closing prayer, it was really good. We also got to talk to a couple colorful people while we were walking to the appt. It was nice and we had some really neat conversations with the different people. We finished the evening with Bro Shepherd, another new investigator and taught him about the Book of Mormon. It went well and him and his wife are both committed to taking the discussions.
Elder Esser
Wednesday we had zone conference in Hayden lake, so we got up early for the drive down and then had a really good zone meeting on d&c 76 and finding. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went all the way out to Sandpoint and gave a baptismal interview to a sister named Rose. She Passed! Her baptism will be after i leave. Then we went to dinner at the Eldenburgs home and had really good french dip sandwiches. We taught Bro Eldenburg about Matt. 16 and going to God for his wisdom. It went really well and he had a lot to ponder over.
Thursday was good and busy as usual. lots of meetings and planning and we ended up having splits not work out and even got threatened to be shot! It was a fun day! I think i'll let that story sit till i come home!
Friday we went down to Blanchard in the morning, we had a few good lessons and a big rainstorm that went on and off all day. When we finally got home for lunch later in the afternoon it was dumping rain and it was super windy! It was nuts. Then about four it cleared up and was sunny and beautiful the rest of the night! For dinner we went to Mi Pueblo and had a lesson with sis Whittekiend and her boy friend Dave, it went really well and We were able to answer lots of questions he had. It was great.
Saturday was good, We did service in the morning for a member in the ward and then went to lunch at the ranch club. it was tasty. We spent the afternoon out and about in town in priest river and then went out to Laclede to see Harvey. He was super happy, he had lots of family in town and he was just content as he could be. Afterwards we went out to Riley Creek and attended the ward picnic. It was really tasty and a lot of fun. I got to enjoy talking to a lot of different members in the ward and it is just such a pretty place!
Elder Griffin
Sunday we had church and then a really good lesson with the Shepherds, we talked about the plan of salvation and it just clicked for them! Then we had fun getting lost trying to find the blunts house north of priest river. It gets confusing up there. But eventually we made it. Sis Blunt is SUCH A GOOD COOK! and it was all healthy too! Kabobs, and corn on the cob. It was great!
That's my week! 
In closing, my testimony.
I know that He Lives. Jesus is our savior. He loves us each individually. He knows our pains, temptations, weaknesses. Everything we go through. He will not leave us Comfortless. I have been carried through many hard times by him all throughout these past two years. I know He lives. Joseph Smith is a prophet, called of God to restore Christ's Gospel which is the biggest blessing in my life. The Gospel is true because IT WORKS!
In the name of Jesus Christ,

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dinner appointments, teaching, service and district meeting

Last week was such a good week. All around solid!

Monday for pday we picked Huckleberry's up in Sandpoint, I got a big bag of them and boy are they good! Afterwards we went to the Kesler's for dinner. Isaac, our mini missionary, handled himself really well when he taught the lesson for dinner. It was great.
Tuesday we had taco Tuesday at Kings and I had a great conversation with the owner Jules, She's great. Then we went to see a few different people, one new investigator we picked up is named Mike, He's an old biker and has 5 different, BEAUTIFUL Motorcycles. It was a really good lesson and he opened up a lot and asked lots of good questions. We had dinner with the Mullens, their always a pleasure. In the evening we also found another new family to work with, the shepherds. They're really nice and have some background with the church. It was a good talk and I'm excited to start teaching them.
Wednesday we sent Isaac on his way back home,
Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant
he really enjoyed the time with us and I'm excited for him to go on his mission. He's going to be a great missionary. After we sent him off, we went up to the Johnsons and helped them with some cleanup for their property. We also got to play with their puppies! They had 3 and they were adorable!!! Afterwards we came home and cleaned up, had lunch and got ready for the afternoon. We were able to have a few good contacts and share a little bit with 2 new potential investigators. Then we went to dinner at mi pueblo with the bates. Mi pueblo is goood food. 
Thursday we weekly planned and then saw Harvey, he's our main focus investigator. He's pretty great. He's 88 and has lots of family in the church and he's just embracing the gospel. Its great. We've been doing a lot of service helping to clean up his house for him and it's been really good. We spent the evening on splits and I went with one of the priests in the ward and had a good visit with Don Ivie. He's coming along slowly but surely.
Friday we had district meeting, we went out to Riley creek and had it on a little picnic table in the woods. It was really good and really spiritual. We all shared our testimonies of the atonement and how it's helped us and then all of us had lunch together out there. After district Meeting i went on exchanges and went to Sandpoint with Elder Page. Their apartment is HUGE! Especially compared to my little eagle's nest apartment. It was a nice change of pace and i enjoyed working with elder Page.
Riley Creek Campground/picnic area
Saturday we spent the day in town and had a really good lesson with Calvin. His girlfriend up to that point had been lukewarm and uninterested, but she couldn't help but listen to us and she ended up opening up to us and asking lots of questions which we were able to answer. It was great. We just watched as the spirit worked on her till she cracked. It was funny. For dinner we met Harvey at Mi Pueblo and he bought us dinner. It was really good and it was fun to sit and chat with Harvey for a little while. Then we finished out the evening doing my plan at the church. It was good. 
Sunday was a bit of a rough day, neither of us slept very well the night before and so we were both exhausted throughout church and then ended up sleeping for most of lunch and dinner time. IT was rough.
That was pretty much my week!
love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great week with a Mini-missionary along!

Hey Everyone!
It's been quite the week! I'm Exhausted!
Last Tuesday evening we had a great lesson with Harvey and were able to set up a time later in the week to do service for him. We taught him the restoration and it touched his heart deeply.
Wednesday we picked up our mini Missionary for the week, Isaac. He's a funny kid from Hayden ID.  He's 18 and prepping to go on a mission. It was fun having him running around with us all week. Before we picked him up however. We ended up finding a new investigator in town. His name is Calvin, his wife passed away recently and the plan of salvation just made sense to him. he loved it!
Lots and lots...
We also met a crazy guy named Toni. He's a weirdy. He kept rambling on and on about the book of revelations. It was interesting, but not important. For Dinner we went to the Torgesen's and had some really good cashew chicken. It was tasty!
Of Peacocks!
Thursday we had our missionary correlation meeting, it was a good one. Got a lot done. then we weekly planned alllllllll afternoon as usual. Nothing too exciting there.
We had dinner with the Verbek Family, they took us to westside pizza in new port. it was super tasty. I love pizza! We then went on splits and had a really good visit with the Robert'
Mini-missionary Isaac Bruvlet
s family, who's recently been going through some medical issues. The trials have softened the father's heart a lot, who used to be anti. It was amazing to talk to him and see how the lord in bringing him low has brought him higher!
Mini-missionary Isaac Bruvlet, from Hayden Idaho
Friday was zone training, lots of good information, some changes that won't affect me cause i'm going home soon and we talked a lot about learning by faith. it was good. Afterwards we went to Harvey's house and helped clean it up. He's been going through some tough things medically recently and so his house fell into disarray. We were able to help clean it up and he was so appreciative. He even tried to pay us. It was funny. We ended up staying just a bit too long at Harvey's and so we were pretty late for the rest of our appts that evening. It worked out well though.

Saturday was a bit of a long day. We spent the majority of the day helping out with a funeral of a ward member. it was really good to be there, but it was a bit draining.
Sunday was good though. We were able to have a good ward council and enjoy the sacrament and just have an all around good Sabbath. We also had a really fun and good new member lesson with the Charleston's and we had dinner with the Dean's and Hatfield's. It was really good. Sis Dean is a great cook!
THat's my week!
Love ya'll!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Elder Griffin and Elder Esser
Happy Independence day everyone!

IT's been a great week! 

Some highlights of the week were:

Elder Griffin and Elder Esser
President Dymock came to my district meeting and gave a training. He is such a powerful teacher! He can blow your mind with just a verse of scripture! it's amazing! It was a delight to have him there! Afterwards i gave a training on being a successful missionary. Preach my gospel pg 10. It was great and i really enjoy the missionaries in my district!

Elder Esser
Elder Griffin
For the fourth we spent the day doing service for various members in the ward, it was a lot of fun and I also got permission to head down to diamond lake and have dinner with the Crumps at their lake house. It was a blast and it was soo good to see them again! The food was delicious as well! Cafe Rio sweet pork! It was SOO GOOD! We finished the night out by watching the fireworks from our bedroom window, It was pretty fun! we had probably the best view in town. Didn't have to fight the mesquitos or anything! One thing that was crazy was after the fireworks we got to watch all the cars driving away and HOLY COW there were tons of people! There were cars lined up from the corner of our house all the way across the bridge and then back a half or more miles from the bridge. it was nuts! So happy to have not had to deal with the traffic!

We also got to talk to a "confirmed" atheist. so that was pretty fun. It was actually a really good discussion and we were bold but loving with him. it was good.

Unfortunately i forgot my planner in the car, so i'm having trouble remembering the rest of the week! SOO i guess that's all!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin