Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last P-day Letter home, Testimony


Hi everyone!
It has been quite the week! 
Monday was fairly uneventful, we spent the afternoon with the cooks, which was very uneventful for a p-day and then we went  to the Nelsons and had a really good visit and gave them the sacrament and such. It was really good. they're a great family.
Tuesday we had a first lesson with Marie, who's a new investigator. Her family just moved in and they're looking for a new church, we took Sister Leavitt and had a really good and quick lesson. Although the first time we knocked, the little girl answered the door and said to come in, we asked her to get her mom, who we later found out was in the shower, so it was funny and awkward. Really glad we had Sis Leavitt there. Otherwise it would've been really really awkward! Afterwards we had a really good lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Calvin, he opened up a lot, and accepted a baptismal invite and said the closing prayer, it was really good. We also got to talk to a couple colorful people while we were walking to the appt. It was nice and we had some really neat conversations with the different people. We finished the evening with Bro Shepherd, another new investigator and taught him about the Book of Mormon. It went well and him and his wife are both committed to taking the discussions.
Elder Esser
Wednesday we had zone conference in Hayden lake, so we got up early for the drive down and then had a really good zone meeting on d&c 76 and finding. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went all the way out to Sandpoint and gave a baptismal interview to a sister named Rose. She Passed! Her baptism will be after i leave. Then we went to dinner at the Eldenburgs home and had really good french dip sandwiches. We taught Bro Eldenburg about Matt. 16 and going to God for his wisdom. It went really well and he had a lot to ponder over.
Thursday was good and busy as usual. lots of meetings and planning and we ended up having splits not work out and even got threatened to be shot! It was a fun day! I think i'll let that story sit till i come home!
Friday we went down to Blanchard in the morning, we had a few good lessons and a big rainstorm that went on and off all day. When we finally got home for lunch later in the afternoon it was dumping rain and it was super windy! It was nuts. Then about four it cleared up and was sunny and beautiful the rest of the night! For dinner we went to Mi Pueblo and had a lesson with sis Whittekiend and her boy friend Dave, it went really well and We were able to answer lots of questions he had. It was great.
Saturday was good, We did service in the morning for a member in the ward and then went to lunch at the ranch club. it was tasty. We spent the afternoon out and about in town in priest river and then went out to Laclede to see Harvey. He was super happy, he had lots of family in town and he was just content as he could be. Afterwards we went out to Riley Creek and attended the ward picnic. It was really tasty and a lot of fun. I got to enjoy talking to a lot of different members in the ward and it is just such a pretty place!
Elder Griffin
Sunday we had church and then a really good lesson with the Shepherds, we talked about the plan of salvation and it just clicked for them! Then we had fun getting lost trying to find the blunts house north of priest river. It gets confusing up there. But eventually we made it. Sis Blunt is SUCH A GOOD COOK! and it was all healthy too! Kabobs, and corn on the cob. It was great!
That's my week! 
In closing, my testimony.
I know that He Lives. Jesus is our savior. He loves us each individually. He knows our pains, temptations, weaknesses. Everything we go through. He will not leave us Comfortless. I have been carried through many hard times by him all throughout these past two years. I know He lives. Joseph Smith is a prophet, called of God to restore Christ's Gospel which is the biggest blessing in my life. The Gospel is true because IT WORKS!
In the name of Jesus Christ,

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