Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Elder Griffin and Elder Esser
Happy Independence day everyone!

IT's been a great week! 

Some highlights of the week were:

Elder Griffin and Elder Esser
President Dymock came to my district meeting and gave a training. He is such a powerful teacher! He can blow your mind with just a verse of scripture! it's amazing! It was a delight to have him there! Afterwards i gave a training on being a successful missionary. Preach my gospel pg 10. It was great and i really enjoy the missionaries in my district!

Elder Esser
Elder Griffin
For the fourth we spent the day doing service for various members in the ward, it was a lot of fun and I also got permission to head down to diamond lake and have dinner with the Crumps at their lake house. It was a blast and it was soo good to see them again! The food was delicious as well! Cafe Rio sweet pork! It was SOO GOOD! We finished the night out by watching the fireworks from our bedroom window, It was pretty fun! we had probably the best view in town. Didn't have to fight the mesquitos or anything! One thing that was crazy was after the fireworks we got to watch all the cars driving away and HOLY COW there were tons of people! There were cars lined up from the corner of our house all the way across the bridge and then back a half or more miles from the bridge. it was nuts! So happy to have not had to deal with the traffic!

We also got to talk to a "confirmed" atheist. so that was pretty fun. It was actually a really good discussion and we were bold but loving with him. it was good.

Unfortunately i forgot my planner in the car, so i'm having trouble remembering the rest of the week! SOO i guess that's all!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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