Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Plan

Elder Andrews, Esser and Griffin
My Plan
Name: Griffin, Bryce Jacob
What are the most important spiritual truths the Lord has taught you?
The lord has called ME on my mission, not someone else. He know's ME and wants ME to be the best I can. HE wants me to be ME and to help ME grow. He cannot do that if i try to be someone else. Be Genuine. That's what the lord wants and that's what others want.
IT is by small and simple things that the lord brings about great things. Improvement happens line upon line. not in massive quantities. Don't let the world seem so large. The way you move an mountain is one spoon full at a time. So I Will continually improve little by little throughout my life. I don't have to be perfect now.
The scriptures are great. They really do have the answers to all of life's questions. The lord guides us as we study them.
What Christlike attributes has the Lord helped you develop?
Hope, as in trusting in God and His timing.
Diligence, The ability to keep pressing on even when things are tough.
Trust in the lord's anointed servants. I have developed the trust in my leaders to follow even when I don't completely understand.
My one-year vision:
» Personal spirituality I want to be deeply involved in scripture study and prayer. Teaching and learning with those around me. I want to be a good example to my roommates and friends as well as my family. I want to share pieces of light with everyone I come in contact with. » Relationships with family, friends, and others I want to love and serve my family and friends and others. I want to be involved in community service and in spending quality time with those who I love even though I will be away for school. » Service in the Church I want to be fully engaged in serving in the wards where I live. Ministering to those around me. I want my personnel motto to be "Never Let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." I want to be someone who the lord knows he can trust to take care of things if he needs me to. » Education, career, or business pursuits I want to have a part time job, preferable in the physical therapy field, I want to be engaged in college fully as I work towards becoming a physical therapist. I want to focus on my education and make my scholarships and the support of my family worth it.
Goals that will help me achieve my one-year vision:
Set time aside every week for studying and focusing on education.
Plan time in every week for family time whether that be traveling to St. George or just taking time for phone calls and skyping.
Apply for Jobs in an area that will fit around school and family time and focus on networking with positive individuals to help me find good places to work.
I want to wake up early every morning before I have to get going for school and work so that i can take time to study the scriptures and pray
If possible, I want to work in the temple as a baptizer in the baptistery or at least attend the temple weekly.
How will you continue the habit of personal prayer at home?
Set apart specific times to be able to pray and spend time alone with the lord, Morning and evening.
How will you continue your scripture study habits after you return home?
What will I study?
The Book of Mormon, Preach my gospel, which has become the key to my scripture study, and also other standard works and books written by church leaders. Practice note taking in my scriptures, keep a study journal that i can use to refer to things I've learned.
When will I study?
I will set aside time every morning before my days start to study the scriptures, regardless of what kind of a day I have ahead and when that day starts.
How long will I study?
Minimum 10 minutes every day, preferable longer. I would like to wake up an hour before i need to be up and going to pray and study
Why is attending Church and partaking of the sacrament each week important?
That is how I can maintain my course on being with Heavenly father again. Those quiet moments before receiving the sacrament are sacred times to reflect and meditate on goals I've set for Personal improvement.
Where do you plan to attend Church meetings after you return home?
Either in my home ward or in the ward that covers my apartments at my college campus. Depends on how quickly I get settled.
What are your goals for participating in temple and family history work?
I would like to take time each week to work on family history work and I also would like to attend the temple each week. It appears as if an opportunity to become a baptizer for the temple has come up and i'm hoping to get that position and attend each week on Saturday morning.
How will you continue to give service after returning home?
I would like to look for opportunities to serve in the temple, local food banks, in my wards and i want to visit my grandparents and family often, giving them the service that they need Visiting widows and elderly homes in my area, visiting the sick and needy. spending time with family and loved ones.
My plans to attend institute
Class name:
Depends on what fits my schedule best at suu when i get home. Still TBD
Cedar City UT
Start date:
August 2016
My Plans for Education
Attend SUU and earn a bachelors in sports medicine/ kinetic sciences and then go to a PT school to prepare to become a physical therapist. Hopefully I will be able to get a Part time job working in that field so I can have hours of experience and be prepared for the career.
My Plans for Employment
Immediately, I'm Hoping to find a job in the physical therapy career field that requires little education so I can get experience in that field before I get too deep into schooling. Further down the line (7-10 years) I'm planning on becoming a physical Therapist and after saving up enough (15-20 years) I am planning on owning my own PT practice.
What are my goals for dating after my mission?
I plan to spend evenings for my first weeks home with Marlee and once I head off to college I will try to spend Friday evenings on dates and Saturday mornings in the temple with her
and then Saturday afternoon we'll spend time together with our families.
I want to be open about my spirituality and be open to making new friends at school as well as keep in contact with old friends that are positive influences and perspective future spouses. Temple Marriage for sure.
Be open and honest, be the same me with my friends as i am around young women and other's. I don't want to hide behind a mask.
What personal standards will guide you in dating?
Can I see your temple recomend? Try to focus dating activities around spiritual things. Don't allow myself to be out too late or alone in private places where temptation may come. Only date girls who hold a high standard of modesty. Date girls who have similar goals as me IE, temple marriage, career and family, etc.
My Life's Vision
My Purpose in life is to create a life and family that is a righteous example to others of what it means to follow Christ, To look to God in all things and to direct my family and friends back to my Father in Heaven through sacred covenants and righteous pursuits, that we all may repent and return to live with our families and our Father in Heaven again.

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