Friday, November 27, 2015

Butchering a goat at the ward mission leader's house (Graphic Picture warning)

Elder Griffin had a new experience.  Butchering a goat.  Here is a picture story of his experience. 
Warning: Graphic Pictures

Butcher in Potlatch, Idaho and Elder Carlson

Monday, November 23, 2015

Favorite quote of the week "I accept letters and packages..."

Elder Griffin getting ready for the holidays!

Nothing like knowing you've used your shoes well. 

November 23, 2015

"Welcome to Moscow, population.... Thanksgiving break."
Hi everyone!

It's been quite the week!

Shoe polish or replace?
Last Monday I said goodbye to Ponderosa. It was tough. We had a fun p-day and then I made my rounds saying goodbye to all the members and investigators I've been working with. It was sad, but the lord has called me another way.

Tuesday we loaded up on the transfer van and came on down to Moscow. It was quite the drive, but it was fun. Then we went shopping, moved into our new apartment and got settled in. Then right as we were about to head out, we got a message from the mission president saying to cancel all activities, severe storm incoming, rain and heavy winds. So we got to spend the rest of our day cleaning out our apartment. It was not too exciting.

Elder Griffin and Melissa Frier
Sister Moosman, Elder Griffin
Wednesday we went out on the campus and tried to find people to teach, had lunch with my district, and then picked up some supplies from the old apartment. We met with one of the bishops that evening and had a nice visit. It's a good ward, very small due to winter break and so it's going to be an interesting winter.

Elder Griffin with Powell's
Thursday we had lunch with this little Asian man named Frank, he made us some noodles and such, it was a quiet but good lunch. That afternoon we met with Miki, our recent convert, she has a super strong testimony and she's going to be a great addition to the ward. Then we met with Sean, another fairly new convert, he's preparing for a mission, so we taught him about teaching the restoration, he did really good and it was a fun lesson. then we met with Matt, another RC and went over the new member lessons. He's super busy so we had to keep it fairly short.
Parting in such sweet sorrow.  Leaving Spokane Valley,
Washington for a new adventure in Moscow, Idaho.

Friday we had zone conference, it was super good to see the Dymocks and Sr missionaries, it was fun, and we learned a lot. President Dymock taught us about Matt 13 and blew our minds a bit with teaching us about them. That evening we went over what he trained us on and it blew our minds even more. Parables are super cool with how deep they can really go. It was great!

Saturday we helped the Troy and Potlach elders with a service project. We went to their ward mission leaders house out in the boonies and helped butcher a goat, it was pretty intense. We did everything from bring it out of it's cage, kill it, skin it, and then package it all up, it was pretty fun!

New apartment in Moscow, Idaho
Then we went home and weekly planned and had a district counsel on what to do this holiday season with the lack of people in the area. It was fun. I have a good district. The members in my district are as follows Elder Troseth, Sis Adamson and Sister Bryson, Sis Murphy and Sis Rich. It's strange being a "relief society president" (all sisters in my district) but it's a nice change from always being a "elders quorum president"(all elders in my district). It's going to be a fun transfer, sisters have tons of good ideas, so we are going to have a fun transfer, and make the best of our holidays.
New apartment in Moscow, Idaho

Sunday was pretty interesting, at church we had all of about 25 people total at church. It was weird. But everyone has gone home for the holidays and so we're having fun working the campus with no one around. hopefully we'll be able to find some new people to teach because we have very few prospects right now. it's definitely going to be an interesting transfer.
New apartment in Moscow, Idaho

So that's my week, Hope everyones doing well! 
I accept letters and packages if anyone wants to say hi this winter!

Love ya'll! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baptism & a Transfer!!!!! Off to Moscow, Idaho (Andy, Shelly & AJ used to live there!!!!)

Melissa on baptism day

Hi Everyone!

It's been such a great week!

Last Monday we went for a hike on pday, unfortunately, I forgot the camera in the car, so no pics were taken by me! It was lots of fun!

Elder Satula, Elder Griffin, Melissa, Bill Frier
Tuesday we went on exchanges and i went to Painted hills with elder Magalei and had a great time.  then on Wednesday we exchanged back, nothing too eventful on the exchange, except for we were able to contact a lot more people, which was a miracle.

Spokane Valley Elder's room
Thursday we helped Elder wall clean out the mission apartment storage unit's and took a huge load to the dump! It was crazy how much stuff was in there that was just useless, but now it looks great in there and elder Wall has one less headache to worry about! that evening we helped Bro Wiberg move a new fridge into their house and it was lots of fun! nice and heavy!
Spokane Valley desk/study area
Friday we had district meeting and i had sis Dymock come as a special guest to give a training on stress relieving. it was a great district meeting and we had donuts and chocolate milk. We also set up an appt to start helping at the local spokane valley museum doing service there. it's going to be a great opportunity to serve in the community! That evening our dinner appt canceled and Melissa surprised us with taco bell! it was awesome! Made my day.

Spokane Valley living room
Saturday was Melissa's baptism! We went to breakfast with her beforehand at Conleys, it was delicious. The baptismal service went perfect! It was wonderful and the spirit was so strong. Melissa is awesome, and i'm so happy to have been able to work with her. I've found another one of my Friends and i'm so grateful i've been serving!
Spokane Valley kitchen
Saturday afternoon the Morris' took us to lunch at IHOP and it was delicious!

Wow!  We got a lotta stuff to chuck!

Storage room cleanout day

We did good!

Cleaning out the storage shed
And in the evening we went to the Luna's and had nachos for dinner, it was great! I love this ward so much! it's the best!
Sunday was fairly uneventful, we had dinner with the Nicholls family, and it was super fun! they had their nephew and Nieces over and they were just bundles of fun! Elder Satuala ended up using A1 sauce to show that God is almighty and he's number 1! It was sweet, he's quick on his toes!

Missionary car and bikes neatly tucked away in garage
That evening we got transfer calls, all week Elder Satuala has been talking about how he wants to serve in Moscow and boom iI got called to transfer over there! yay! It's going to be fun! My new companion is Elder Troseth, he's awesome, hardworking and lots of fun! It's going to be sweet!

Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New DI suit lasts how long?! 15 months exactly!

Image result for spokane valley food bank carrots
Processing carrots at the food bank

It's been abit of an interesting week!

Tuesday we went to the foodbank, lots and lots of carrots to pack! our fingers were orange by the end! 

Then we tried a couple different families in an apartment complex with no luck, it was disappointing. That evening we went to the family history center with Melissa and she's doing great with her family history! She's getting baptized the 14th and she's excited!

Wednesday we served at the baby place and helped organize a huge box of donations, there were about 30 books on what to expect when expecting and it was just random some of the stuff we found. 
We had dinner with the Portrays and had some amazing enchillada soup! It was great!

Thursday we helped Brandon rake his neighbors leaves again, it was great! We went to Jenny's diner after and had a great breakfast for lunch. Just like Bishop's back home! so good! 

That evening we had dinner at the Bishop's house with Melissa and finished teaching her the lessons! It was great! The dinner was absolutely delicious and the spirit was so strong! It was great!

Friday we had zone training and i got new suits, both of my old suits died, it was awful. But the new suits are very nice. (how long does a new value DI suit last? 15 months, to the day.)  We had dinner at the Jeromechecks and had "Make you a diabetic" waffles, it was really good and it was really hard to walk home afterwards!

Saturday was Melissa's baptismal interview, she passed! before the interview we helped rake the leaves around the church and got it all cleaned up and beautiful! That evening we stopped by the morris's house and they took us to dinner at Conley's, which was super duper good! It's a really good little Irish diner type place, it was great!

Sunday was church church church! That evening we had dinner at the Mcfarland's and had coconut chicken and pineapple orange cake!  It was amazing! then we went to the collins house, had a really good lesson with them and they are ready to start working towards baptism again! i'm so happy to be working with them again! It's going to be great!

Overall a good week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dirty potatoes and trunk - or - treating!

Hello November!

It's been a great week everyone!

Tuesday we went to the food bank and sorted lots and lots of dirty potatoes and had fun, then we helped Brandon rake leaves at his neighbors house, it was lots of fun. We also taught Jaime the restoration and he's doing really good at coming back to church. That evening we had dinner with the Vasquez family and taught the restoration, He's loved the lesson and his heart is definitely softening. 

He's seen some miracles lately and its pretty exciting!

Wednesday we had fun, lots of service and lots of people to see, it started getting cold and rainy and fall is in full swing here.

Thursday we weekly planned and worked on the area book and went on exchanges. Exchanges was lots of fun, we got a lot done and saw a couple of miracles! Elder Jeffries is awesome and loves to sing, he's really good so i don't mind.

Friday was district meeting and that's about it, nothing too eventful.

Saturday we spent a lot of time with Melissa at the chili cook-off trunk-or-treat, it was lots of fun and there was a really good turnout. We got to be the judges for the chili cook off, so that was lots of fun!

Sunday was good, we saw Melissa before church and gave her a blessing for her headaches and she was able to come to the first part of church. It was good. then we went and saw Jaime again and it got really cold outside. The wind was blowing hard and it was dark. Lots of fun running through the cold streets on the way home!

That's my week!

Love ya'll !
Elder Griffin