Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New DI suit lasts how long?! 15 months exactly!

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Processing carrots at the food bank

It's been abit of an interesting week!

Tuesday we went to the foodbank, lots and lots of carrots to pack! our fingers were orange by the end! 

Then we tried a couple different families in an apartment complex with no luck, it was disappointing. That evening we went to the family history center with Melissa and she's doing great with her family history! She's getting baptized the 14th and she's excited!

Wednesday we served at the baby place and helped organize a huge box of donations, there were about 30 books on what to expect when expecting and it was just random some of the stuff we found. 
We had dinner with the Portrays and had some amazing enchillada soup! It was great!

Thursday we helped Brandon rake his neighbors leaves again, it was great! We went to Jenny's diner after and had a great breakfast for lunch. Just like Bishop's back home! so good! 

That evening we had dinner at the Bishop's house with Melissa and finished teaching her the lessons! It was great! The dinner was absolutely delicious and the spirit was so strong! It was great!

Friday we had zone training and i got new suits, both of my old suits died, it was awful. But the new suits are very nice. (how long does a new value DI suit last? 15 months, to the day.)  We had dinner at the Jeromechecks and had "Make you a diabetic" waffles, it was really good and it was really hard to walk home afterwards!

Saturday was Melissa's baptismal interview, she passed! before the interview we helped rake the leaves around the church and got it all cleaned up and beautiful! That evening we stopped by the morris's house and they took us to dinner at Conley's, which was super duper good! It's a really good little Irish diner type place, it was great!

Sunday was church church church! That evening we had dinner at the Mcfarland's and had coconut chicken and pineapple orange cake!  It was amazing! then we went to the collins house, had a really good lesson with them and they are ready to start working towards baptism again! i'm so happy to be working with them again! It's going to be great!

Overall a good week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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