Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bryce's birthday and last visit with Mullens

June 29, 2015
Hey everyone!
It's been a pretty good birthday week!

Monday we picked up a new investigator and she's super nice and open. her name is Kayla and she's a single mom who's working on finding a job. We told her about LDS employment and she's super excited..

Tuesday we had a few good lessons and we had a good day. Lots of good work.

President and Sister Mullins
Wednesday was good. we did service for Sis. Moosmen, a single sister in the ward, she was really nice. We pulled weeds and enjoyed the heat. That evening we went to an investigator's and helped her quit a certain illegal substance. it was interesting. we also found out some other interesting stuff about Spokane and it's reputation on Sprague Ave. Very informative!

Thursday was weekly planning and a lesson with the collins family, they're awesome! They're preparing for baptism, hopefully in the next couple weeks! We also had a nice visit with Kayla and she is super excited to come to church.

Spencer Larsen
Friday was muffins with the Mullens, it was really good, but it's sad to say bye to the Mullens, I'm going to miss them! I also got packages from Grandma and grandpa, the family, and Marlee, it was exciting opening them all! lots of great stuff! thanks everybody! We had cafe rio for lunch and then the Luna family made Carne Asada for dinner. It was great!

Saturday it was 104 out and we just fried the whole day. tons of water breaks and not NFL player Spencer Larsen was there and he's a super chill guy. It was fun.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. church and some
 hot proselyting in the evening.pretty good week overall!

Love ya'all!
Elder Griffin

Monday, June 22, 2015

Baptism preparation, temple visits and service

June 22, 2015

Hey everyone, it's been a busy week!
Elder Jorgensen, Brandon, Elder Griffin at the temple.

Monday night we had an interesting lesson with a slightly drunk, large, black women, she was straight from the south and she flirted with Elder Jorgensen the whole conversation. It was very interesting and definitely memorable. She even hugged us both several times -- only super uncomfortable!

Tuesday we had dinner with some members and they took us to Hu Hot, it was super tasty! Ii was a good visit and afterwards we had a great lesson with Brandon in preparation for going to the temple for baptisms with him on Thursday.

Wednesday we had a super busy day planned and all of our appointments fell through. It was super funny and we made it fun, even though it was a bit of a bummer.

Thursday we had planning, it went super good and we got a lot done. That evening we went to the temple with Brandon and it was such a great experience. He kept talking about how amazing it was and it was better than he'd imagined and it was just great. He even gave us a referral afterward. 

Friday we did exchanges and I had fun with Elder Mayberry. He was nice. We had some really great lessons and even talked to a few angry people. One guy was really mad, it was kinda funny because he was telling us anti and he was the one who was upset.

Saturday we did service all day, it was funny because we only planned for about an hour of service and then we got a call and did another two hours and then another call and another two hours. The good news was we got dinner out of it and it was great. Pizza!

Sunday was nice, we taught gospel principles and had a great discussion on the sacrament, the spirit was strong and then we went to priests quorum and had a nice discussion on desire and serving a mission. It was nice and it helped me reconnect a bit with my desire to serve.

It was a good week, lots of fun!
Love you guys!
Elder Griffin

Monday, June 15, 2015

Baptism, Service & a visit from Elder L. Whitney Clayton

Elder Clayton of the Seventy
Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey Everyone!

It's been a great week!

Tuesday we did service for Sis Moseman and it was super fun. She's a sweet little old lady in the ward and she just loves the missionaries! We also helped someone move and had a fun dinner at the Wyburgs (our wml - ward mission leader) It was a great day and we ended it at Brandon ( a recent convert in the ward) and had a really good lesson with him. He's got a huge gospel foundation and studies like crazy.

Elder Molder, Griffin, Kepner, Jorgensen
Wednesday was really hot outside. Up in the 90's, just like home! We did service for an elderly brother in the ward and had a good time. We had dinner with the Vansant family that evening and it was just like Sunday dinner at grandma's house! It was great!

Thursday was weekly planning. We had a good planning session and it's gonna be a good week this week! We also had dinner at another senior couples house and they forced us to eat way too much. That was pretty rough on us since we had to ride our bikes the whole rest of the evening.

Chelsea, Molder, Kepner, Carma, McDougal, Red and Griffin
Friday was interesting, we started getting sick and had to slow down a little bit.  We did have a fun lesson with a la  (less active) lady who loves missionaries and she told us all about the different medication she is on.  It was interesting to say the least. We also picked up a new investigator who's super solid!  

We had a mission conference and Elder Clayton of the Seventy came and gave a really good talk on Christlike attributes and mission work. It was great.

Saturday we went to Karma's baptism back on the Southhill, It was super good to see them and it was a great baptismal service! I also got to see Brother Fletcher again and it was fun to see my old area for a little bit.
Chelsea's baptism

Sunday was  pretty normal, we did get to see Brandon pass the sacrament for the first time and that was really great. He also got a temple recommend and we're planning on going with him for baptisms sometime this week. 

We did have a bbq with a family in the ward, it was super good! I'm excited for summer bbq season!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Transfers and baptisms

June 8, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a nice and busy week in the new area!

Elder Keppner, Griffin and Molder

Tuesday we had a crazy transfer day and moved into a 4 man apartment in the Dishman Micah Ponderosa area. It's exciting! I'm part time car, which is mostly biking and Im super excited to be with my new Companion, Elder Jorgensen. He's super cool! Love him! It was really hard saying bye to Elder Molder And Elder Keppner though.

Wednesday  we had an awesome lesson with Jill who was on date for baptism the 6th of June, it was a super good lesson and she is so excited to be baptized!

Thursday we had an awesome weekly planning session and it was perfect. We are so prepped and organized for the week it's great! We also had a nice service project for an older gentelman in the ward. 

We had a funny experience that morning. We were just starting planning and then we heard a knock on the door. Guess who it is? The JW's! So we had a nice discussion and actually left on pretty good terms. Very interesting that they all seem to end up at our house though. Later in the week we had a baptist preacher stop by as well! It was funny! They got all scared when they saw the name tags! 

Friday was nice, we had a zone meeting and then had an evening full of miracles! We all decided to go to dinner together and on the way there Elder Larsen got pulled over and the officer let him off with no problems.  Then we went to Cafe Rio and a member paid for us out of nowhere! Then  we got free frozen yogurt and I found out that Griffin and Katie are on date for baptism and Griffin wants me to baptize him! It was super exciting!

Saturday was Jill's baptism, it was a super spiritual experience and her family was there to support. It was great. I love baptisms. It was a nice day and we did a lot of biking.

Sunday was full of meetings and we even got to hear from Elder Johnson of the 70. It was a good fireside and just a good day.
Elder Griffin, Keppner and Molder

Super good week and i love my new area! 
Love ya'll! 
have a great week!
Elder Griffin

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teaching Griffin & Katie and Lark

June 1, 2015

Hey Everyone!

This weeks been good!

Thursday we had a great lesson with Griffin and Katie in the park, we also had a sweet lesson with Lark, it was a spiritually charged day and I love Griffin, he's so sincere and excited about the gospel!
Friday Was fun, we had ward game night and it was lots of fun, and great fellowship!

Saturday we did service at hope house again and it was tons of fun! afterwards we went and helped someone move and it was rather frustrating, but good. lots too move and not much packed, oh well, we do what we can.

Sunday was a usual Sunday, except we went with one of our recent  converts to get her patriarchal blessing. It was super spiritual and an awesome experience. That evening we found out about transfer calls, I'm going to ponderosa in the valley and Elder molder is staying here with elder Keppner, it's pretty exciting!

Love ya'll! 
Have a great week!
Elder Griffin
Elder Griffin, Elder Molder
Elder Epps (backseat)

Elder Griffin, Elder Keppner, Elder Molder