Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Transfers and baptisms

June 8, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a nice and busy week in the new area!

Elder Keppner, Griffin and Molder

Tuesday we had a crazy transfer day and moved into a 4 man apartment in the Dishman Micah Ponderosa area. It's exciting! I'm part time car, which is mostly biking and Im super excited to be with my new Companion, Elder Jorgensen. He's super cool! Love him! It was really hard saying bye to Elder Molder And Elder Keppner though.

Wednesday  we had an awesome lesson with Jill who was on date for baptism the 6th of June, it was a super good lesson and she is so excited to be baptized!

Thursday we had an awesome weekly planning session and it was perfect. We are so prepped and organized for the week it's great! We also had a nice service project for an older gentelman in the ward. 

We had a funny experience that morning. We were just starting planning and then we heard a knock on the door. Guess who it is? The JW's! So we had a nice discussion and actually left on pretty good terms. Very interesting that they all seem to end up at our house though. Later in the week we had a baptist preacher stop by as well! It was funny! They got all scared when they saw the name tags! 

Friday was nice, we had a zone meeting and then had an evening full of miracles! We all decided to go to dinner together and on the way there Elder Larsen got pulled over and the officer let him off with no problems.  Then we went to Cafe Rio and a member paid for us out of nowhere! Then  we got free frozen yogurt and I found out that Griffin and Katie are on date for baptism and Griffin wants me to baptize him! It was super exciting!

Saturday was Jill's baptism, it was a super spiritual experience and her family was there to support. It was great. I love baptisms. It was a nice day and we did a lot of biking.

Sunday was full of meetings and we even got to hear from Elder Johnson of the 70. It was a good fireside and just a good day.
Elder Griffin, Keppner and Molder

Super good week and i love my new area! 
Love ya'll! 
have a great week!
Elder Griffin

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