Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great week with a Mini-missionary along!

Hey Everyone!
It's been quite the week! I'm Exhausted!
Last Tuesday evening we had a great lesson with Harvey and were able to set up a time later in the week to do service for him. We taught him the restoration and it touched his heart deeply.
Wednesday we picked up our mini Missionary for the week, Isaac. He's a funny kid from Hayden ID.  He's 18 and prepping to go on a mission. It was fun having him running around with us all week. Before we picked him up however. We ended up finding a new investigator in town. His name is Calvin, his wife passed away recently and the plan of salvation just made sense to him. he loved it!
Lots and lots...
We also met a crazy guy named Toni. He's a weirdy. He kept rambling on and on about the book of revelations. It was interesting, but not important. For Dinner we went to the Torgesen's and had some really good cashew chicken. It was tasty!
Of Peacocks!
Thursday we had our missionary correlation meeting, it was a good one. Got a lot done. then we weekly planned alllllllll afternoon as usual. Nothing too exciting there.
We had dinner with the Verbek Family, they took us to westside pizza in new port. it was super tasty. I love pizza! We then went on splits and had a really good visit with the Robert'
Mini-missionary Isaac Bruvlet
s family, who's recently been going through some medical issues. The trials have softened the father's heart a lot, who used to be anti. It was amazing to talk to him and see how the lord in bringing him low has brought him higher!
Mini-missionary Isaac Bruvlet, from Hayden Idaho
Friday was zone training, lots of good information, some changes that won't affect me cause i'm going home soon and we talked a lot about learning by faith. it was good. Afterwards we went to Harvey's house and helped clean it up. He's been going through some tough things medically recently and so his house fell into disarray. We were able to help clean it up and he was so appreciative. He even tried to pay us. It was funny. We ended up staying just a bit too long at Harvey's and so we were pretty late for the rest of our appts that evening. It worked out well though.

Saturday was a bit of a long day. We spent the majority of the day helping out with a funeral of a ward member. it was really good to be there, but it was a bit draining.
Sunday was good though. We were able to have a good ward council and enjoy the sacrament and just have an all around good Sabbath. We also had a really fun and good new member lesson with the Charleston's and we had dinner with the Dean's and Hatfield's. It was really good. Sis Dean is a great cook!
THat's my week!
Love ya'll!

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