Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What? Another new companion?!

Hey Everyone, it's been an interesting week. Very very interesting.

Monday we had a really good p-day, but Elder Linde ended up having his medical condition act up and so he got picked up by the Sr missionaries and I went to a FHE at the Powells, it was super good! Then we went and stayed the night in the mission home because President and Sister Dymock felt it was the best option. So it was an interesting night, really nice staying in the mission home though, like a hotel but even nicer!
Elder Satula & Elder Griffin
Tuesday was completely nuts! We went to a bunch of dr's appt's and got Linde's diagnoses and were told that he would be going home to recover, so we went to the Dymocks and President took Elder Linde into his office and Elder Satuala said "HI I"M YOUR NEW COMPANION!" and just like that I'm freaking out! and Elder Linde ended up leaving the next morning back to the land of endless p-days! It was sad, but for the better. That evening we went to the Vasquez's and gave Brittany a priesthood blessing to help her get better. The Flu is going around now! Woo!

Wednesday we had a huge miracle night! Keeta is on date and Kjirstie is on date now! It was amazing! We had the help of the Powells to get them both excited to go to the temple and it was just amazing! Then after that we visited Glennyss and helped resolve some concerns that came up after our last visit, it was great!
Elder Satula and Elder Griffin

Thursday wasn't too exciting, we had dinner at the Luna's, FINGER STEAKS!!! They were super good! Then we went to Glenyss' house and had a great lesson about the Book of mormon and it started getting cold up here!

Friday we helped Elder Wall move some things for a missionary apartment and then went to zone training, it was good, then we helped a family move into the ward and had dinner at the Portray's, it was great!

Saturday we had the zone blitz in our area and it was great! Lots of new people to work with and so it's super exciting! We also had a great visit with the Sweckers and they're going to talk about starting to come to church and such, it's gonna be sweet!

Sunday we had a crazy day, Elder Larsen caught the flu and we had dinner at Mama J's house, pancakes! they were super good!

Monday we had a good day, collected some cigarettes from an investigator, did some service for Glenyss and she gave us a pie and just had a good day. It was great!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin
Not sure the significance of this picture, it came with no explanation.

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