Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Service, smoke and investigators make for great week!

August 31, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a sweet week!

Monday we helped with fear busting and had fun and said goodbye to some people for Jorgie and bowled and had fun. it was a good day.

Tuesday we had the new trainer meeting and had fun. It was good. Linde hit his head on the ceiling fan in our room, which was hilarious, Perks of getting the bottom bunk! We also had a really in depth discussion with Glennyss on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was intense. We also visited Jill and are gonna work with her on quitting smoking again, this time she's gonna get it! We also got to talk to Riley about the for strength of youth pamphlet, more specifically dating, it was a good discussion and she really appreciated it.

Wednesday we had a really good visit with the Lunas and we're working with them on setting goals for going to the temple. it's going to be really good. We also had a church tour with Melissa Clark and she's just awesome!

Elder Griffin and Elder Lyndie
Thursday we helped elder wall with some missionary apartment furniture and such. It was good. Then we did service with inland NW baby and it was great as always. We had a really good weekly planning session and then we went to Glenyss's for a lesson and brought Sis Price with us, she was super bold and it was a really really good visit!

Friday we had a good district meeting and then gave a church tour to the Powells, (our appt cancelled) but it was really good practice and we just had a good time. Then we finished planning the blitz for our area on Saturday and then visited Sis Moosmen. That evening we went to the Powells and it basically turned into a missionary correlation meeting, it was super good.

Saturday we had an interesting day, we went to a ward service activity in Valley Ford and then the smoke and dust started to get really bad, so we got a text from the mission saying to stay inside as much as possible and to not go out proselyting except for set appointments. so we stayed inside and studied and planned and didn't do the blitz and just had a crazy day!

Sunday was sweet! We had 5 investigators at church and the lessons were all super good! We also finished the plans for the Powells FHE this evening and had a great visit with Holly and Riley talking about the organization of the church. it was super cool!

That's my week!
love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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