Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"P-DAY" was full of some fun "P's"! Perfect!


District Meeting in Moscow, Idaho
Hey everyone!
it's been an absolutely great week! 
Monday we had an awesome time at the family home evening with the Picarellas and Penningtons and a couple other families in the ward. We had our lesson on the word of wisdom and the It was perfect! Afterwards we played around the world pingpong and then had treats. it was great.
Tuesday we went to orphan acres and got nice and messy. lots of Horse stalls that needed cleaned. that night we had get to it Tuesday and played gator ball. Luckily no one got injured, it was a lot of fun.
Wednesday we did a blitz in a little town called Julietta. it was lots of fun. there were some really nice people and the scenery is just beautiful. We also had dinner with the Martin family and had Ratatouille! it was delicious! then we went to a former investigators house and set up an appt, so hopefully it works out!
Thursday we did service at the food bank, it was really busy! (it usually is at the end of the month.) so we were very much needed. it was a lot of fun as always. That evening we had dinner and correlation with the Schroeders and then went to a lesson with a new investigator named Barb. she's a really nice lady and she's going to be great to teach! afterwards we went to the Giddings and basically got antied. it was interesting. not going to continue teaching them. they DO NOT want to know if the church is true.
Friday we had district meeting, which is always a delight. we helped the Paradise ridge elders with their area and then went to dinner with Bro Bacon. he Bought us Pizza and went out with us after dinner to a couple teaching appts. it was really nice and a lot of fun.
Saturday we had a great time doing service at the Good samaritan sr care facility and then went out to amber's and had a lesson with her son. it was really good, we taught the plan of salvation and he really got it much better. her other, less morally inclined son, stayed for the lesson too and it was really good.
Sunday was absolutely perfect! Church was great, really good speakers and lessons. the Picarellas and Deobalds came to church It was great.  after church we went to the Deobalds and taught the plan of salvation using the parable of the good samaritan. https://www.lds.org/liahona/2007/02/the-good-samaritan-forgotten-symbols?lang=eng IT was great. The father Participated, which was HUGE and at the end of the lesson we even got Kelly to pray! (it was her first vocal one in a long long time) it was huge progress for their family and I'm just happy to be a part of it. For dinner we went to the Schroeders and had a lesson with one of their neighbors. it was wonderful. Lots of good fellowship and it was nice to meet her.
That's my week! love ya'll!

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