Monday, January 25, 2016

Temple and Service

Elder Holmes
Elder Holmes crashed and ripped his pants
Hey everyone!
It's been a wonderful week!

Last Tuesday we went to the Temple and had a wonderful time, the spirit was strong and i definitely felt the lord's presence as i went with a searching heart. Afterwards I met up with Melissa for lunch and we enjoyed catching up on the last couple months, her family is slowly softening their hearts to the gospel, but her daughter is still very hard hearted, hopefully she softens her heart soon. It was great catching up with her! That evening we took Bro Picarella a brand new quad with his name engraved on it, he was so excited and I'm happy he enjoys the scriptures.

 Wednesday we had a great time at the world wide missionary broadcast. They mostly talked about working with investigators and ensuring they have fully repented before their baptism. It was great. Afterwards we had lunch at buffalo wild wings and for whatever reason E Holmes Decided to get the hottest wings on the menu. It was super funny to see him torturing himself and it was fun watching him try to fix it. That afternoon we were able to contact a LA family we'd been trying to contact and the family has been sick, so she invited us to come back next week and then we will start working with her.

Thursday  we weekly planned and spent the afternoon doing service with our ward mission leader. it was lots of fun. We helped with ranching and got really really muddy/covered in manure. It was honestly one of the funnest service projects i've done in a long time. Really Really Messy though. That evening we had dinner with the Richards family, which was delicious and then went with Bro Schroeder to visit a recent convert family. It was really enjoyable and we helped the son prepare a little bit for receiving the priesthood.
Bike wreck owie

Friday we had district meeting, and practiced teaching the plan of salvation. it was nice. I've got a fun district. that evening we helped the paradise ridge elders with their area and elder Holmes got in his first bike wreck. it was a good one!

Saturday was fun, we volunteered at the Good Samaritan sr care center and then went to a baptism with the picarellas to help them know what it will be like when they get baptized. it was fun.

Sunday We had a great day at church. Everyone we wanted to be there was there and then we had a great lesson with the Picarellas and bishop that evening. It was a good day.
That's my week!
Love ya'll!

Elder Homes sporting his owie

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