Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Parable of the Snowman

The little snowman of faith!

Hey Everyone!
It's been a great week! The Rolling hills ward is great and I'm loving the work we have to do in this area! 

Lil porch snowmen survived the cold all night!
Last Monday for pday we played basketball and made a snowman and it was just a lot of fun. We had an interesting experience making the snow man.  The Elders who grew up in places where there was snow said the snow was no good, The sisters said they didn't think it was good but they would be willing to try and I said "i want to build a snow man and if we don't try, it definitely won't happen, but the worst that can happen is we tried." And so I went about making a snow man, the two who doubted sat mocking and telling me it was a waste, the two who were unsure sat and watched and after a moment hearkened unto me and so we went about making a snow man. And so it was that we went about in faith making a snow man and though the one we made was small, it was perfect and it was proof that if we act the lord will bless us, even if it's something as  small as a snowman.

Elder Holms in unsafe territory (Syringa trailor park,
Moscow, Idaho)
Monday night we visited the Greshums and gave Sis Greshum's two little boys a name tags that say "future missionary" they were both really excited and it was cute to see one of them wearing it at church so proudly this Sunday.

Tuesday we had a fairly unexciting day, A really good lesson with an investigator named Jill, a really nice visit with a lady at good Samaritans sr home and we dropped off some scriptures and a movie for one of our main investigators, Kelly. 

Wednesday We had a lot of appts fall through and did a lot of walking, I also was surprised to find a box on the porch in the morning with some new shoes!!! thanks Dad!

Thursday we mapped out Syringa (a trailer park in our area) and made plans to tract it out in the next week or two and we had a lesson with a new investigator named Nancy at Bucer's coffee shop down town. It was fun. A really good lesson too. Then we had a lot of fun doing service at the foodbank and spent the evening weekly planning.
Beautiful sky
Friday we had zone training and learned some interesting new adjustments to the rules, so now pdays will be run a little different. We had dinner at the Bacon's, who are probably one of my favorite families in the ward so far and  had a good evening out in the cold.

Saturday we spent a lot of time contacting LA's from the ward list, we had a couple of not very nice people and a couple of really nice people. it's always interesting to see what we get. that evening we had dinner at the ST. Pierres and it was a really good dinner, just like eating at home!

Sunday was amazing! Ward council before church then church was great, had a lesson with Kelly right after church and taught about our bodies being temples, E. Holmes had a little bit of an embarrassing moment, but it was a really good lesson. that evening we had a lesson with the Picarellas and it was absolutely awesome. we taught about prayer and it was great. the husband always has tons of good questions and we were able to connect really well with the family and he is feeling really close to baptism. it was perfect.
That was my week!

Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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