Tuesday, February 9, 2016

18 month pants burning, teaching, learning and serving!

February 8, 2016
Hey Everyone!

18 month Pants burning
Found a really big oven to burn the pants in!

It's been a really good week!
Monday for p-day we played sock soccer (which is surprisingly dangerous!) but very fun. I also got an engraving tool and a leather wallet and spent the week making myself a new wallet.(its nice to have little projects to do at the end of the night.) Tuesday we spent the morning at orphan acres where I burned my 18 months mark pants, and we helped shovel horse poo, it was lots of fun. always good to get a little dirty!
Wednesday we tried a lot of less active families and had some success, nothing too groundbreaking though.
Thursday we weekly planned and did service at the Moscow food bank. It was a lot of fun and we were able to get a lot done. we had dinner with the Picarellas and had a great lesson. We were able to have Brother Picarella ask us a lot of his questions and answer them to the best of our ability. We also saw amber and Gregory and had a nice lesson with them.
Elder Griffin engraved these
Friday we had zone meeting, and learned a lot about the atonement. it was really great. Afterwards we had lunch with the zone and went to work. It was elder Holmes birthday so I surprised him with his favorite meal at a great family in the ward's home. it was lots of fun. We also visited the Barnes that evening and it was really good.
Saturday we went out to the boonies and met some really great people boonie tracting. It was lots of fun and our car got really messy. It was great.That evening we finished preparing some lessons for Sunday and helped the paradise ridge elders with their appts.

Sunday was good and busy. We had an amazing lesson with Kelly on Justification and sanctification, she has really had a change of heart since we've focused on teaching her doctrine. IT's been amazing watching the idea that "true doctrine understood changes behavior" it's definitely true. I've seen it in her and she's coming so close to baptism now, whereas before she felt very distant from it. IT's been great! That evening we had dinner with the Martin family and they made cafe rio sweet pork, it was sooo good! Just like going home! that evening was transfer calls and we found out that elder Holmes is going to Chewelah and i'm staying here, my new companion is elder Williams, haven't had the chance to connect with him yet, so hopefully that happens soon. But i'm excited to be staying here in rolling hills.

Working at Orphan Acers

 Sister Thompson and Elder Cuevas working at Orphan Acers
That's all from me, Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin
Pirate Bryce

Pirate Bryce

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