Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hey everyone!
Sister Adamson
Sister Adamson, Bryson, Murphy, Rich and the Goffs
Elder Griffin and Troseth

Elder Griffin with homemade pumpkin cake!!!!

It's been such a good week!

Monday we had a fun pday we bought a monster pizza and it was HUGE 26 inches! Then we went to the stake center and played a bunch of random games, lots of fun.
6 fingered man
Tuesday we went on exchanges and elder Terry came here, it was lots of fun, we went to orphan acres in Potlach and helped chop and move wood, it was lots of fun. Then we went and tried to talk to people, but campus was empty, so it was slow going.

Wednesday we had district meeting, it was great, we talked about ch 5 in pmg and had french toast for lunch, it was fun. then we decorated the institute and just had tons of fun. it was great! I love my district.  That evening i made pumpkin cake for thanks giving and it was great!
Elder Griffin, Troseth, Sister Rich, Murphy, Adamson, and Bryson
Thursday was Thanksgiving, we had fun, despite not many prospects for things to do. For breakfast we made pumpkin pancakes and smoothies and had fun together as a companionship, then went over to Troy and Potlach's apartment after studies and then we went to the institute for lunch with the Goughs and had turkey and ham and potatoes, it was great! such good food. Then we went with Elder Dougan and Carlson and had fun at a members eating waaayyy too much food. It was fun. then we played games at the institute with my district and watched church movies and ate leftovers. it was just an overall wonderful day.
Another pair of pants bites the dust
Friday we went to an animal shelter to help "socialize" animals, so we played with some dogs for a little while, it was enjoyable. then we went across town to meet up with the district and rake leaves for a random lady so much fun.

Saturday we helped cut wood for the Gushells and enjoyed a turkey sandwich lunch, it was really good and lots of fun work.

Sunday was overall uneventful, it was a good day.
Elder Troseth, institute parking lot
That was my week!
love ya'lL!
Elder Griffin

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