Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Fun!

Graham Craker Spokane Temple made by Elder Griffin

Hey everyone!
It's been an awesome week!

Family pix!
Monday we went to a family's home in the quail run ward for pday, we made graham cracker houses and I made a Spokane temple, it was lots of fun and it was just great having everyone together for a Christmas party!

Christmas morning paper football game
Tuesday we went to Orphan acres and mucked stalls, it was a pretty Crappy (pun definitely intended) job, but we had fun!

Temple Creation
Checking out the calendar
Wednesday we had district meeting and district lunch, it was lots of fun, we had stew courtesy of the Gouphs and had a good time as a district. We also worked at the food bank and it was fun spending time with all the little old ladies and doing service.

Thursday (Christmas eve!!!) we went to the Bolingers house with my district and we had dinner and did a live nativity with their family, it was hilarious and i ended up being a 60's Adam Sandler wise guy, it was pretty fun!
Lack of chairs, mission life is hard?!
Sister Murphey, Sister Rich, Elder Griffin, Johnson & Holmes
Friday (Christmas!!!!) we got ready for the day and had Elder Carlson and Dugan over for breakfast and opening presents, it was lots of fun! ElderDugan and Carlson got an official paper football set and we ended up playing it for an hour straight until it was time to meet up with Bishop Boydston to go to brunch. For brunch we were with the Sisters again as well as the Bishop of one of the young married wards, it was lots of fun and we had lots of good food! Then we went to the Boydston's and skyped! It was so great to see the family and talk for a bit! 

That evening we had a little get together for people staying in town and played some games at the institute and made sugar cookies and had fun. It was great! Then we went to Enrique's house for dinner and had quite possibly the best dinner I've had on my mission (he's a food science phd) It was great! Then we finished the night with Elder Carlson and Dugan at the institute playing botchie ball.
Opening Christmas presents together.
It was great! just an amazing christmas all around.

Saturday we did a lot of Christmas clean up and prepped for transfers.
Sunday we had church and then transfer calls, found out i'm going to Rolling Hill's which is in Moscow, My new companion is Elder Holmes and it's going to be great going back into a family ward!


That was my week!
Love ya'll! 
Elder Bryce Griffin

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