Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Temple trip and caroling


Hey everyone!
it's been a good and busy week!
Monday we had a fairly uneventful day, just prepping for the week and getting ready for the road trip!
Tuesday we met up with the zone leaders elder LI and Davies and went to Spokane for the temple, it was really great! 

We did an endowment session and visited the sr missionaries and had Hu Hot and then in the evening I met up with Elder Satuala to go to the temple for Melissa's first time doing baptisms! It was great! 

All of the members I got super close with were there, several of them brought family names and it was just like going home! It was so great! I really miss them, but someday i'll be back again! 
Elder Griffin and Elder Troseth

That night we didn't get home until 9:40, the Wibergs dropped me off at the mission home and it was odd, like saying bye to mom and dad again! I love the Ponderosa ward!

Wednesday it snowed and I was lucky enough to be the only one with much snow driving experience, so I got to drive home, it was actually not too bad! T

hat afternoon we contacted the local food bank and signed up to go later in the week. It was great.

Elder Carlson and Elder Dugan
Elder Griffin and Elder Troseth

Thursday we had specialized training and had a great time with President and Sister Dymock, they taught us a lot, especially about our individual potentials, it was really cool. 

That night Elder Troseth and I tracked around in the snow and tried to contact a couple Referrals, we had dinner at Subway (thanks for the giftcard!!!) and it was just a fun night.

Elder Carlson
Friday we had the Goughs (SR couple) inspect our apartment, they were really impressed with how clean we are (that's right mom!) and afterwards we went to the foodbank, it was a really great experience, just a bunch of little old ladies and us, so they really appreciated all the help with lifting things. It was lots of fun and we're going back this week.

Saturday we went christmas caroling and had lots of fun with the missionaries we serve around, it was great. that was about the only eventful thing.
Elder Carlson and Elder Dugan

Sunday we had church, then correlation (there were not many people at church) and then we went with Elder Dugan and Carlson to Potlach to carol, it was lots of fun and while we were there we took some companion pictures. 
 It was nice! 
That was my week!
Thanks to everyone who has sent packages and letters, I really appreciate them!

LOve ya'll!
ELder Bryce Griffin

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