Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Puff balls, donuts and broken oven glass

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a strange one. On Monday we went to a hospital in the area to give someone a blessing and we would have gotten lost if bishop hadn't come with us. Sacred Heart is super huge and we had no way to find where the guy was had bishop not been there. We also bought new beanies which are super cool! Nice big puff ball on top! And we saw Faustin's family and helped teach a little English to them. Faustin has been super busy lately, but he still likes us, so it's all good.

Tuesday we went downtown with the new cards and shared He IS THE GIFT with as many people as we could. It was lots of fun. We also went to the senior center and helped with proof reading again and also got to do some dusting, wooooo. 

Wednesday we gave Coral a blessing and moved her baptismal date because of the church Christmas devotional on the 7th. now she's going to be baptized on the 13th. We also went to a rich part of our area and got food from some members. It was really good.

Thursday was an interesting Thanksgiving. We  went to the Deangelos for breakfast and played
games and had fun, Then we went to the Cuevas's for Apples to Apples and it was really good spending time with both of their families -- like home away from home. Then for Thanksgiving dinner, we went to the Ross's and had an interesting dinner. We were the only ones under the age of 70 and they didn't have much of anything to say to us, so it was very fun. And we finished our evening up at the Tibbets and played Monopoly.

Friday we had  dinner at the Deangelos and we went to the Cuevas's to help Sis Cuevas with some things around the store. It was really good and then we were able to make a few visits with Brother Deangelo's help.

Saturday was a doozy. I woke up and was just not happy. So we went to the church and helped clean the building and then Bro Robison decided to take us out for donuts! Instant Happy! And they were
super good. Just like Daddy likes. Then we went and helped a family in the ward move and unfortunately it was my first failure in moving. We were moving the oven and it tipped a little and bumped the wall and the door exploded -- glass EVERYWHERE! It was really sad, but looking back, it's a tiny bit funny. It might be too soon though.

Sunday we had PEC and it was a really good one. I feel like we are earning a lot of respect from the ward and I was able to make the PEC laugh a little.Then during church, we had a lot of our less active members come and the talks in Sacrament were perfect. I felt super uplifted afterwards. Then, during Sunday school, we had a few really interesting incidents with someone insulting government leaders and calling them the ANTI-Christ. That was fun. Glad we didn't have any investigators there!

Monday was specialized training and it was a really good one. NO Ipad's, but we did get Ice cream and clothes that were donated to the missionaries. I got a nice warm beanie that is conservative enough for proselyting. I'm really excited about that.

So overall it was a really interesting week. The talks on Sunday focused on gratitude, which is something I've been struggling with lately. It was a nice reminder for me to start working on that and becoming a better me through being grateful. I'm excited for this week and really grateful for the privilege I have to labor in the Lord's vineyard.

Love to all,
Elder Bryce Griffin

One of the sweaters Grandma sent was a little too small!

Big red Spokane wagon

Four Elders and the Deangelos.

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