Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snow, yarn and Pizza Rita

Hey everyone!
It's been a crazy and awesome week! 

Tuesday was pretty unusual, a lot of our plans failed and so we ended up going to the community center and working on family history stuff. It was way interesting and I learned a little bit how to use We had the car that day and so we went out to Spokane Falls Community College and had lunch with Billy, it was really good to see him again!

We had a huge miracle later that evening -- we went to see an investigator who lives not too far from us and she answered and was like, "Yeah, I'm not really interested in coming to church anymore," and we asked if she'd seen the Restoration movie we gave her yet and she said "No, wanna watch it right now?" and the movie just softened her heart! It was awesome!

Wednesday was really off. We had interviews that day and were really excited, but unfortunately the interviews before us went waaayyy too long and we ended up not getting out of interviews til 6 (our interviews were supposed to be over at 4:30). So we ended up only getting to a couple of appts. But we had a super funny lesson with Dominic, (our baptism this coming weekend). Dominic was tying Elder Larsen up with yarn while we asked him the baptismal interview questions -- to learn where he was at. It was so ridiculous because we'd been struggling to get him to focus, but while he was distracted tying Larsen up, he was able to think and answer the questions right. It was awesome!

Thursday we did pizza before weekly planning and we got THE FIVE POUND PIZZA at Pizza Rita! It was so tasty! Pizza Rita is my favorite! We went on splits that evening and got tons done! It was great!

Friday we had another unusual experience with a different ex'd member -- pretty much always weird stuff happens when we run into ex'd members. We also taught Faustin using! It was awesome! We watched talks by the Prophet and Elder Bednar and he loved it! He has been progressing so well! He loves the church so much! His testimony of the prophet is so strong!

Saturday we got soaked because of rain and snow and it was just icky! But we had a lot of fun and saw miracles teaching Faustin and Dominic.

Sunday was awesome! We had been teaching Faustin about families and temples the whole week and then all of the talks during sacrament meeting were completely geared towards that. The spirit was so strong and I just loved every second of it!

Monday was really busy and we talked to lots of contentious people downtown. but we also talked to some good people and had tons of fun! It was a great day!

Love you all!
Have a good week!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Elder Maguet and Elder Griffin

Elder Larson and Dominic Tibbets

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