Wednesday, January 14, 2015

For English, press one!

Hey Everyone! 

Bryce and his pop last July.
This week has been filled with lots of learning experiences!

Last Monday we went to REI (outdoor and clothing store) to see if I could find a good winter coat. Unfortunately, sales there mean that a $1,000 coat is only $500. And on top of that, there wasn't anything that I really liked, so needless to say, I don't like rich people clothes!

Tuesday we went to Corbin Stake Center and were telemarketers for them (calling on referral cards). It was way weird, and I don't really like it much. but it was fun meeting with the  office ladies and teaching them a little about the gospel. We also had a car that day and so we were able to visit a part of our area that isn't very accessible. It was strange. The neighborhood we went to was actually fairly well off and the houses were all way nice!

Wednesday we were telemarketers again and it got easier to do that. We also  visited members of our ward that remind me of Grandma and Grandpa Griffin! It was fun! They even had those Costco cookies that Grandma buys every year! We also had KFC for lunch again. It was a way bad idea. Way too much grease! It was funny! Never Again!

Thursday was super off. We had to ride the bus a ton that day and saw lots of interesting things, including a screaming match outside a store in Felony Flats. We  also got hot dogs from a hot dog stand outside the Spokane Courthouse. They were way too expensive for their quality, but we were kinda panicked trying to find lunch and so we just went with it.

Friday we had zone training and I received a lot of much needed revelation about how to improve myself as a missionary and it's been really helpful! I'm doing a lot better because of it!

Also, Sis. Deangelo sewed pockets onto my coat that evening and it's been so nice to have! They are perfect!

A funny experience we had was, we went to Faustin's and helped with some stuff for his son's school and he asked for help with something with customer service and so he called and then it said "For English press one" and they all just started laughing and then saying "For English press one!" It was so random and hilarious! I had no idea what was going on! It was super funny!

Saturday was an awesome day! We played basketball in the morning and we got Dominic there! It was super fun! And later that day we found some people who are refugees from Kenya who we are teaching now! It was crazy! They fed us some African food, which was interesting. Basically beef, peppers, green peppers, black pepper and oil. It was spicy but good!

Afterwards we went to the Bossleys for dinner and they made what I dare say is the best dinner I've had on my mission! Bisquits with gravy and eggs and bacon and it was so tasty! Their kids are so adorable and happy too! They are one of my favorite people I've found on my mission! They're working towards the temple and I'm so excited for them!

Sunday was an odd day. We taught the guys from Africa and they were all interested, but not at the same time. It was very interesting. They're super funny though, they are kinda scary looking, But if you say hi, they have these HUGE toothy grins! It's super funny! We also did some service for one of the families who've been struggling lately. It was a lot of help to them and they're improving.That evening we had dinner at the Purcells, It was way delicious and we were able to get a lot more done that evening thanks to Bro Purcell volunteering to come out with us.

That's about my week this week!

Love you all!
Have a good week!
Elder Griffin

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