Friday, January 30, 2015

Feed My Sheep and coconut flan

Hey everybody!

This week has been very interesting. I pretty much was out of the area aaalll week on exchanges. It was a lot of fun though.

Tuesday night to Wednesday we had tons of Velveeta (thanks Mom!) and I was in Cheney second for exchanges. It was a lot of fun and Wednesday we drove out to Sprague, a small town outside of Cheney. it was very ... interesting... Everyone out there is a crappy car collector, on disability and a variety of other interesting things. It was pretty interesting and  I found out that proselyting is different in the boonies than in the Flats. It was a lot of fun and it was cool to be in a car for a day.

Thursday we helped the King family
move all day. Their new house is really nice and we're really excited for them. Bro King should be quitting smoking now too! It was pretty awesome, They bought us Pizza Rita and chocolate milk. It was great! That evening i had a really good lesson with one of our La families. We talked about tithing, which is the last step to prepare them for the temple. it's really exciting! They should be going soon! Thursday night we went on exchanges with the Spanish Elders and it was super ridiculous! I got to go Spanish speaking!

Friday Elder Ledbetter and I basically made jokes about "feed my sheep" and put reminders everywhere! It's pretty cool! Elder Aguilar was super surprised when he got back to his apartment! That evening we stopped by the Dowells because we hadn't been able to visit them this week and dropped off some coconut Flan (coconut custard) and a talk. It was funny because Sis Dowell has been having some problems with the neighbors and so when we knocked it scared her but when we finally got her to answer the door she was so relieved and excited about getting the Flan that she forgot about the whole scaring her thing. Oh and I started getting sick that night.

Saturday was a bit of a mess because we weren't able to have the baptism. Dominick had the Flu and so he couldn't come. So most of the rest of the day was spent calling people about it being cancelled. I was sick as well so it made it really tough to work. We also helped the Kings move some stuff and put together an armoire.

Sunday I got a little bit better, But Faustin got confused about 7th day adv. stuff again. it was not good. Pretty much one of the most spiritually draining lessons I'd had in a long time. i think he's doing better, but we'll see.  it's really frustrating because we'd been showing him gen con talks all week and he was loving it and talking about how true it was and then we showed up and he'd gotten anti'd or something. it was rough. But it will work out. We are also starting to teach a guy named Khaled from Sudan, he watched gen con talks in arabic and he started talking about how he's going to quit smoking and different things because he watched a talk on the Word of Wisdom, His faith has increased so much in so little time. it's amazing!

Hope you all have a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Bryce Griffin
Elder Johnson enjoying velveeta cheese from mom and dad!

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