Saturday, October 4, 2014

The apocrypha, Faustin and Gus and a Melophone!‏

Hi Everybody!
This week went way fast!

I was introduced to the Wrangler Burger at Zips, and the Huckleberry milkshake, which is amazing! And the burger is only $3 on thursdays! so weekly plannings gonna start off with a bang from now on!

The Mitmas are still looking for a house and they might have found one near the church! we're really excited about that!

Faustin and Gus came to church and it was such an amazing experience for both of them and they're both excited to come to General Conference!
I was able to teach Faustin about the sacrament and translate is coming in handy so much with them!

The Cornwell Family is an interesting bunch. the mother (sister Cornwell) is really working towards coming back to church, but health problems make it difficult, same with the Daughter in law (Coral) She is awesome and working towards baptism. The son (Michael) is kinda a funny guy, he has a strange sense of humor and a firm testimony of the church, but he doesnt like coming to church and he really likes studying deep doctrine and he is mildly obsessed with the Apocrypha (dead sea scrolls and such). The fun thing is, during my studies i found D&C 91, and he was like, I told you! But it basically states that they are true but not completly and you should only study them with the holy spirit. Very interesting.

Foggy Spokane
We have found a lot of fun (not so fun) experiences with the bus system and we're still working on figuring out how to effectively use the buses to reach the far parts of our area.

One of these experiences, we decided to go to a part of our area that nobody has gone to for a long time, we were curious as to why. so we decided to go to the wealthy part of our area and we walked through the entire area and there was literally no one. and the 2 or 3 people we did see and tried to talk to were lifted up in the pride of their hearts. We aren't going to go there anymore. it cost us several hours of proselyting time and the people were exceedingly stiff necked and hard hearted. It was a good experience to have though. and we ended up having to wait way too long for the bus. but we talked to a lot of people on the buses and might have helped someone.

Spokane 2nd ward, Washington 
Another interesting experience, We have a less active member named Starla, who is engaged to a member of a screamo band and we went to check in on her and invite her to church. So her friend answered the door and then said he'd go ask her and she said to come upstairs and talk to her, so we followed him up and got to meet her fiance's band and they started playing and we were like... uhh... help..? and she basically tried to get us to stay and we're like "we have an appointment to go to, hope to see you at church!" and then left. then we were across the street checkin in on an LA member and we could hear them playing and it was like, well okay then, pretty cool, but we're missionaries!
Then later that night we sent out our daily Breadz scripture and she responded and it was pretty weird and we think she might have been drunk texting the missionaries! it was super funny and way weird! Loving spo compton!

Elder Griffin and Elder Sampson
I am possibly getting to play a melophone for Brightly beams our fathers mercy. it feels so good to play again! I miss french horn so much!

That's about all for this week!

One thing that's way cool that i learned this week: Marking up your scriptures is good if it means something, it does you no good to color your scriptures unless it means something and you make it so you can see why it means something. ive been working really hard on that this week.
Love you all so much! keep the faith and know that God will take care of everything if you do!

Elder Griffin

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