Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baptisms at Glass Street!

 Hey everyone!
This week has been crazy!

Tuesday we got to see a new video put out by the church about Temple garments and that was really
interesting. Also we were able to have everything timed perfect to help Sis Dowell with her 4 kids and all her groceries. It was exact perfect timing. We had gotten lost on our way to another member's house and a bunch of other things that made the timing perfect! It was such a miracle! And then it was funny because we got to teach them a lesson and play a game with all the kids, it was super fun!

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Sunset Elders and Elder Rawlins (a zone leader) came out
Elder Rawlings and Elder Griffin
with me. It was way fun! We walked all over the area and ended the day with several miracles!
We taught Coral and put her on a date for mid-November and she's super ready for baptism!
Also, we taught Faustin the Plan of Salvation and he was understanding so well, it was two perfect lessons! The Deangelos fed us lunch and we love that family so much! They are so dedicated to the work and Bro Deangelo coming out with us was what made the miracles possible! Also that evening was the Mitmas baptismal interviews and they both did great!

Thursday we had weekly planning and it was a painfully long one, but we got most everything done. That evening we got to see the Mitmas and teach them the Plan of Salvation through a walking tour in  our church, it was super fun! Bro Deangelo came out with us and it really helped us get a lot done. We got to teach Faustine, but it was really strange because Elder Lyden sat down and got a really bad Migraine out of nowhere. We were kinda panicked and had to return to the apartment early. 

Friday we had district meeting and Elder Lyden's headache was okay until about halfway through the meeting. We almost had to go to the Emergency Room, but we gave him a blessing and he was drained. It was crazy. Then after lunch we went back to the apartment to let him take a nap and when he woke up he was better than he had been his whole mission. It was amazing!

Elder Lyden. Colia, Alyssa, Elder Griffin
Saturday we had the Mitmas baptism and it was such an amazing experience. I was able to confirm Alyssia and Elder Lyden confirmed Colia. Their cousin Clayton performed the Baptism. It was such a great experience. After the baptism, we helped someone move out of Felony Flats (the scariest part of our area) and there were some interesting smells. It was nice to work with members of our bishopric to help them move though.

We also got dropped hard core by some new investigators. He was not very polite in asking us to not ever come back again. That evening we taught Faustin and his family the rest of the Plan of Salvation and it was just amazing to see him understand and really enjoy the message. We were able to answer all his questions and now we're going to start teaching them English for half our lessons and The Gospel for half our lessons. Faustin was so grateful and he said we are welcome any time. Earlier that day one of our members dropped off some chairs for his family and he was so appreciative -- this is the text he sent! Faustin is so amazing! Love him!

Sunday it started getting really REALLY cold! Church was fairly uneventful, but that evening our ward started doing what's called "cottage meetings" and it was awesome! It was basically family home evenings and everyone comes and talks about the gospel and asks any questions they have and it was a really great experience. We are hoping to have it become a regular thing. 

Overall it's been a miracle filled and amazing week!
Love you all!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Mitma Family

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