Monday, October 20, 2014

Moving, snoring and potatoes in Spokane!

This week went by really fast!

Tuesday we got to visit Faustin and he's been struggling more because his friend is a Seventh Day Adventist preacher and basically said not to trust us and has been confusing him regularly. It's difficult because we don't speak French and he barely speaks English. It's frustrating sometimes.

We also started using the heaters this week and we had to rearrange some of the apartment to prevent fire hazards.

Wednesday we helped the Mitmas move and it was really sad, but we're still going to get to teach them. Also their new house is perfect for them and it's really going to be a blessing for them. It was a huge miracle because when we were helping them move, we needed someone to drive us (rules about missionaries with sisters and fun stuff) and so I just felt like we needed to call the Andersons, They were the exact people we needed there. They helped us put together the beds and clean the house and basically they were the perfect people. It was amazing!

I was also on exchanges and Elder Ledbetter and I had a ton of fun walking around in the rain. We went contacting less active members and ended up finding a house on the ward list that the lady had passed away 4 years ago! NO wonder she wasnt coming to church!

Thursday was weekly planning and we got a lot done. I also got a package from AJ with sweaters and a letter from the Stevens! Alo and Cecilia sent me some pictures and I'm hanging them on my wall now! I love them so much!

Friday was district meeting and we ended up doing service most of the day, That evening we had a sister in the ward come to teach Faustin with us because she speaks French, it was another miracle! We had no idea she spoke French and then she just turned up at church offering to help!

Saturday my snoring started again and it's been tricky figuring out what to do. Also, we met a family in our ward that just moved in from Utah and they are super dedicated to the work! They basically said anytime we want, we can come over. It's been awesome!

Saturday night we had the ward's annual potato feed. It was way fun and we got to meet a lot of members and we even had several of our less active families come!

Sunday, we had several of our prospective Elders come to church and it was totally unexpected. It was so good to see them, though! We also began the final preparations for the Mitmas baptism this Saturday and it's going to be so great!

This week is going to be full of miracles and we're going to work so hard!
I'm excited for the work!
Much love to everyone!
Keep the faith!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Here are some recent pix:

Bryce's license to preach.

Spokane near dusk

Elder Lyden

Beautiful day

Elder selfie

Artsy, eh?

The chart

Spanish Elders

Spokane chapel

Spokane chapel

Cece and Alo's art work

Missionary Central

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