Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marshmallows, The Wrangler and "Meet the Mormons"

Hey Everybody!

This week has been full of ups and downs!

Monday we had another fun game of Marshmallow Dodgeball with our zone for P-Day. Unfortunately, Elder Lyden hurt his wrist and has been taped up all week! We also got to share a lot about conference and encouraged those we talked to to read some of the conference addresses.

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Spanish elders and Elder Ledbetter and I went Spanish speaking! It was pretty interesting not understanding anything that was taught about. We did see a miracle in a referral we went to who spoke English, She basically said she was looking for a church and she wants her family to be safe from the world's influences, What better church than ours, right?!

We also made Manwich sloppy joes, which smoked out the apartment! It was ridiculous! But it tasted so good after I put the Griffin touch to it!

Wednesday we went to Zips for dinner, THE WRANGLER!!! It was so good! We also found out that the p-day rules changed! We now have extra time in the mornings, as long as we get our basic studies in for the day. It has been really beneficial so far today! We found out at that President Mullen's training was basically on obedience. Everyone was all excited because they thought it meant we were going to get iPads soon. Those rumors have been circulating for a long time!

We also got a few  new investigators that are really solid! Later that evening we got to visit the Dowell family again, they are so awesome! You can literally feel the spirit when you walk into their home. They're recent converts and it's been so awesome getting to know them!

Elder Barbico and Elder Griffin
Thursday was weekly planning again, It was another long and somewhat stressful day.
The Mitmas lost the house they were going to get. The caseworker was dragging her feet and lost the house. Sis Mitma was so upset. It was really tough. I was really depressed and stressed out. We started fasting and praying so much for it to work out.

Friday, we had District meeting and it was way good! We also talked to a very contentious guy on the street who we essentially confounded. It was pretty funny. We just stayed calm and focused on what the Spirit wanted us to say and he basically just admitted he doesn't know what church was true and sent us on our way. That night Sis Mitma found a house and it is sadly just out of our area. We're sad about it, but we know that the Lord gave her this house for a reason and we love the elders that she is moving into. It's actually Maryland Elder's area! They're moving this Wednesday and they are going to BBQ for us before we go!

Saturday we spent most of the day doing service. We helped the Cuevas' move a bunch of items into their store and helped Sis Micahs mow her lawn. It was weird using a lawn mower again. I also started getting kinda sick, but I think it's just from the food we ate. We had Pizza Rita for lunch and it was super good! 

Sunday was full of awesomeness! The Mitmas came to church and it was so good to see them! Also, the Cuevas's fed us dinner again and we had this amazing soup stuff that I honestly can't remember the name but it was delicious!

Also, my snoring problem has been getting worse, so we called Sis Mullen and she gave me some recommendations on how to deal with it. The very first one I tried fixed it! I tilted my bed just slightly and then Elder Lyden said I didn't snore at all that night. It was amazing! All these years of problems and tilting the bed fixed it.

Monday was specialized training and everyone was chattering about getting IPADs! It was borderline ridiculous! At specialized training, we basically learned how to prepare for winter and such. But then President Mullen had a surprise! We got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was amazing! All of us missionaries had been sad because we weren't going to get to watch it. But they obtained special permission to show us at our stake center! It was super amazing! Loved it!

We also learned how to use family history as a finding tool and I really regret not getting into family history before my mission. It's so easy! Anyone can do it! Even Holly and Katie!

Elder Griffin
That's about all for this week! 
Love you all so much!
Keep the faith!
Elder Griffin

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