Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Carving apples!

Hi everybody,

This week has been full of exchanges, miracles and odd experiences.

For Halloween, we were on exchanges. I had Elder Aguilar with me and we had lots of fun and lots of weird stuff. For lunch we had "THE WRANGLER!!!" from Zips -- it was way good. And then we went out proselyting and had some fun experiences.

One lady we talked to said to Elder Aguilar, "Hey, I know your dad! Your real dad. Yeah CESAR. They didn't tell you? Oohh maaann! Here's his number. Trust me. CESAR! I'm helpin' yo all out. You Gangsters of GOD!!!!!" Just one of the interesting people we met on Halloween.

For dinner we went to a member house in the Spanish branch. They cooked bbq and it was very interesting looking ... We didn't eat that much. It was honestly just a little too close to looking like a real person.

We saw miracles though and we actually found 2 new investigators on Halloween and it was a really good day. We held district meeting that night and we carved apples to celebrate because we couldn't get pumpkins. It was way fun though!

We had the trunk-or-treat on Wednesday and it was a good time. We had tons of our less active members there and it was a great bonding experience with the Ward. I was on exchanges with Elder Johnson that day and we picked up an additional investigator. Things are looking really busy for next transfer,
Bye Elder Lyden!
Transfers are this week and things are kinda shaken up. Elder Lyden is getting transferred to Moscow, Idaho, and will be becoming a zone leader and in a trio. I am staying and will be companions with Elder Larsen. We have quite a few baptisms about to line up and so things are going to be great. I'm really excited for the potential we have and we're gonna be busy.

This is gonna be a good transfer and I'm gonna work hard and do my very best to improve the area and strengthen the Ward I'm in. Spokane Second is awesome!

Love to everyone!
Keep the faith! The church is true!
Elder Griffin

* -- Those who haven't heard, a friend of ours, a high school student at Snow Canyon, was in an ATV accident last weekend and is currently in a coma. He has been foremost in our thoughts and prayers for the past week. I've asked Bryce to pray for him and we would ask that you include Britton Shipp in your prayers as well. If you would like to read more on Britt's struggles and the miracle and hope that accompany him, his older sister, who is a freshman in college, is writing a great blog
                                                     Thank you -- Andy Griffin (Bryce's dad)

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