Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cold weather, cold nose.

Hey everyone,

This week has been an interesting one. The cold came full forced and the temperatures dropped overnight on Tuesday last week. It was FREEZING! And I guess it's not even as bad as it gets just yet.

Wednesday we struggled all day to find someone to teach and no one wanted to talk. We ended up doing some tracting, but no one would talk for longer than 10 seconds because of the cold.

Thursday ended up just as bad, except everything seemed to be going wrong all at once. But we had fun with it and made it ridiculously fun to have bad stuff happen. It turned around though, and I got a package from Grandma with a blanket that is AWESOME! And we found someone new to teach.

Friday was basically the same as the last few days, cold and not too friendly.

Saturday our phone was really acting up so we went to the Sprint store and they did nothing for us, so our phone has only been receiving half of the texts we should be getting and it's been tough on our proselyting, But we're dealing with it slowly.

Sunday I started getting sick, but it was a really good day.

Bryce (far left) at zone conference.
Monday I was sick. We had zone conference and it was lots of fun, and my voice was super low, so anytime I went into the bathroom I really enjoyed the acoustics as my voice echoed off the walls. It was a bit ridiculous. That evening we had most of our appts fall through and it was really frustrating.

Overall things are doing okay, working through sickness and learning a lot from Elder Larsen, 

Hopefully this week it warms up a little and we can find more investigators!

NOTE FROM DAD: This song reminds soooo much of Bryce! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Love you all!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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