Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moose enchiladas and the french horn

Hey Everybody!
This week has been awesome and crazy!

We had exchanges twice this week with both zone leaders, so I had the opportunity to check out the Sunset Ward and Cheney Second Ward! 

During the exchanges we gained 7 new investigators! One of them is a family from the Congo! The Dad (Faustin) speaks very little English and the rest of the family doesn't speak any English! It's crazy! The dad speaks French and Swahili and another African language. We have been teaching them using LDS.org and a BoM side by side in French and English.

During exchanges in the Sunset area with Elder Sampson, we had a dinner appointment at the Nelson's home and they made us moose enchiladas! They were so delicious! It was just like Grandma makes, but with less Velveeta.

During the meal we got to talk a little bit about our lives in the past and our reasons for serving a mission and then we talked a little about music! And sister Nelson PLAYS FRENCH HORN!!!! Her Father was given one by a professional concert hornist several years ago and he gave it to her! I was able to play it for about 30 Minutes and it felt so good to be able to play a horn again. It was such a nice horn! It was a Schilke! I loved it so much! It literally got rid of all the stress build up for the last 6 weeks! Best Exchanges EVER!

The next day back home we taught the Mitma's and it went okay, The Ten Commandments are hard to teach to people with no biblical background, especially children. and so it was really difficult, but on the walk home, I found a $20 bill, right in the middle of the side walk! I'm gonna use it for bus passes so we can teach Coral and the Cornwell families. The bus system is crazy! We are slowly learning how to use it, but every time we use the bus it costs us a huge chunk of proselyting time! We work really hard to make it worth it.

Spokane Falls
We went downtown the other night to deliver a BoM to a referral and the bridge to get there on Monroe has such a crazy, gorgeous view of the river! Especially at night! The waterfall by the water treatment plant is crazy huge and gorgeous! I wish we could have taken pictures but we were rushing to get out of downtown before it was too late! One thing I noticed while I was in downtown was that there is a bail bonds office on almost every single corner! It's crazy! How many people go to jail to need that many?!

On the ride home, we were passed by a bunch of police cars going probably 70 MPH up Post Street past our apartments! It was insane! We almost got hit! It was nuts!

This Sunday we had 7 less active and recent converts come! It was awesome! We only had one nonmember though, But it was still great to see that some of our labors are bringing forth fruit!

Rumors have been swirling around the mission about Ipads coming soon! I really hope so! Now that I've lived the mission life for a transfer, I can see the potential benefits that having an Ipad would bring.

Some things I learned this week:
  1. Music is so wonderful at relieving stress. We are practicing singing a song called "Brightly Beams the Father's Mercy" -- its in the hymn book. Bro Geiger in the ward is talking about letting me play the Mellophone for it and I'm pretty excited about that. We're going to sing it at the ward talent show and potato feed in a couple weeks. I might be able to get it on video and send it to you.
  2. Honey Oh's are awesome! Worlds greatest cereal! It's Graham Cracker flavored! Only available at Safeway, which is not located in UTAH! They are my new favorite cereal!
  3. "Embedded in the stories of the scriptures are truths made specifically for our time and our benefit." And we need to search the scriptures and dissect the stories to be able to find these truths and apply them to our lives. When we do this, it will bless our lives immensely! My new favorite way to study is reading the scriptures and writing in the margins, the truths that stick out to me and how they can be applied to me. It really makes a huge difference!
  4. Praying specifically brings specific answers. When we pray for a miracle to cross our path. it does. When we pray to find something that is perfect for an investigator, we do. When we pray for a scripture to help deal with homesickness, God provides one. It works for anything. Pray sincerely and specifically and God will sincerely answer your prayers in a way that specifically works the very best for you. I know that to be true and my testimony has grown so much from seeing how powerful prayer really is. I would exhort all of you who read this to pray specifically and sincerely and see how God will answer your prayers. I testify of the truthfulness of this principle.

I am so grateful for the loving home I've come from and for parents who love each other and my siblings so much and are willing to teach us the things we need to know to be successful in life. Mom and Dad, You have given me the tools and helped me be a person who can go forward with hope in this world, despite all the iniquity. I am so grateful for your examples and I love you so much. Thank you for putting in my heart the desire to live a righteous life. I know that living the gospel is the surest way to live a happy and love filled life.

The Church is so true and the Gospel will bring so much joy into your lives if you let it.
I love you all!
Keep the Faith!
Elder Bryce Jacob Griffin

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