Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Miracle (Whip) and flat tires.

Hi everybody!

Elder Bryce in his apartment in Spokane.
It's been another super busy one! We started riding the bus to the far side of our area, which was super fun and we met lots of interesting people! We also had zone meeting, which was really great and we learned a lot and practiced role plays.

Strange and interesting stuff this week: Well, on the bus we got to meet some interesting people such as one guy named Justin who likes to party STA style (that's the city bus company), and he loved
Miracle Whip more than mayonnaise. So we taught him a little and he invited us over to learn more and "hang out and have a Miracle Whip and mayonnaise party, STA Style! OH YEAAHH!!!" Luckily though, he lived out of our area! lolz! And so we gave his info to a different set of missionaries! haha, I think they'll be okay, he was just a little odd. Should be an interesting investigator though.

Also, while teaching a lesson on the porch of a former investigator, in an apartment complex, a small child decided it would be fun to run outside "with nothin' on but a smile!" and so that stalled our lesson. Fun life in the ghetto!

We also were assigned to be security at the Spanish Festival put on by the church at a local high school. It was interesting, We got walkie-talkies and basically I realized how fun and immature we missionaries can be! It was hilarious. However, after we finished the spanish festival, we felt lacking the spirit because we were told to go and enjoy the show and it was just weird because we didn't really feel like we were supposed to be there. It was an interesting experience.

Anyways, on to the spiritual now: This week we did great at getting recent converts and less actives to church, however, I was kinda upset by the people who didn't come! I was so excited and we had made special arrangements to help and then they just didn't come! We were so disappointed, yet so happy. it was the weirdest conflict of emotions because we were happy about those that did, and were rejoicing in them, but still sad about the ones who didn't come. Way interesting.

This week has been super great and we've been feeling guided by the hand of the Lord. We have met people who really needed us at the exact moment we came and it's just powerful to see how the Lord guides us as missionaries.

View out the window of Griffin and Lyden's apartment.
Elder Lyden got a flat tire last week so we have been walking a lot. It's not necessarily fun, but because we have been walking we have gotten to run into more people who needed us and it's been amazing to see how even when something seemingly bad happens, there is always a reason for it.
One family in particular has learned that as they struggled for the last 7 years to figure out how to start their life and find happiness and economic security for their family. they have finally turned their lives over to God. Now they're moving home to their mother's house in Portland, who actually really needed them to move in. Basically everyone's prayers are answered there. It was pretty crazy. They talked about how they think God was preparing them to move back home because if they had gone back earlier they wouldn't have been ready for it. It is amazing to see their faith!

That's about all that's happened this week. I hope everything is great back home!
Love you all so much and I pray for you!
Elder Bryce Griffin

(Note, we finally got some pix from Bryce, yey!!!

First view of Spokane a month ago.

Spokane Temple.

Home sweet home.

Trainer, Elder Lyden.

Tree-filled Spokane

LDS Chapel.

More Spokane

Is that a yawn?

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