Monday, March 21, 2016

Zone Meeting

March 21, 2016

 Hey everyone!

It's been a good week! 

Monday last week we played games at the stake center for p-day and had a good time. Afterwards Elder Williams and I contacted a referral and got the "I'm catholic" response. Seems like we get that one a lot!

Tuesday we went to Orphan Acres and spent the entire time scraping mud off of a bulldozer. it was pretty good work, definitely hard, but it was good. Then we had lunch with the district. Elder Williams made spaghetti (again) it's his specialty and we've been having it for dinner at least twice a week if not more. it's really good though. That evening we had 'get to it Tuesday' and played some pioneer games with the kids in the ward. I dominated the stick pull game, although i was nearly twice everyone's size. Afterwards we went to our apartment and were inspected, we passed with flying colors! it was fun to see the Gough's again!

Wednesday we did service for a less active sister, a wind storm broke a bunch of branches off of her tree so we cleaned them up. Then we went and visited Helaine in Good Sams. It was a really nice visit and she gave us cookies when we left. For dinner we went to Subway, good times. Probably the fast food I've eaten the most on my mission, that or pizza. then we went to Amber's house and had a lesson and played with her pets. (Elder Williams loves animals.)

Thursday we weekly planned and went to the food bank as usual. It was really good, lots of good things to do. We helped unload a pickup truck full of canned food and biscuit mix. it was enjoyable. Then we had spaghetti for dinner and went to the bible study that Elder Fogle and Forrester run.

Friday we had district meeting, which is always really good, then Sis Thompson made chili for lunch and we brought bread, it was a lot of fun. Then we went to the Stellmons and had a lesson with Kristin on the word of wisdom, she really liked it and she's working towards living it. It was a great lesson.Then we went to the Thompson's for dinner and taught about family mission plans. which is something I've been studying a lot about lately! It was a great lesson and they're committed to coming up with a family mission plan!
Saturday we visited with Jan out in Syringa and had a quick lesson, then we went to Good Sams and played cards with Lester, he wasn't doing the best, but we were able to brighten his day a bit after chatting with him for a while. For dinner we went with Sis Hall to Gambino's Italian restaurant. it was super delicious and super fun to visit with the Hall family. They're great.

Sunday we had a fairly regular day, nothing too eventful. We met with Kelly and had a good lesson on the plan of salvation, it made it so we were able to resolve a couple concerns she's had. We also had dinner with the Zirkers, it was a really good meal and it was a lot of fun to get to know them better! It was Bro Zirker's birthday too, so that was exciting. It was really good.

That was my week! 
Love ya'll Elder Griffin

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