Monday, March 14, 2016

Missionary soup...ew?!

Sister Mills and Sister Egbert

Elder Griffin eating missionary soup
Missionary soup...ew!

Elder Griffin, enjoying some soup. not

Elder Griffin and Elder Williams

Elder Forester and Elder Griffin

...Bears will kill you!

Hey everyone!
it's been quite the week!
Monday for pday we cooked as a zone! it got rather interesting with missionary soup that turned very very greene. it was surprisingly good though! We also went tracting and saw a couple really cool miracles! We found one family that may very well turn into investigators! we also talked for about 30 mins to a menanite!
Tuesday  we had specialized training from the dymocks, it was really good and we learned a lot about finding and teaching. afterwards we went on exchanges and elder Forrester came with me. 
Elder Griffin on Elder Road
Hushpuppies made by Elder Griffin
Wednesday we drove to spokane for a dr's appt and stopped at elder rd to take a couple pics (youre welcome mom!) we also had a couple really good visits that evenign and saw a huge miracle! We tried a potential's house that we'd tried before, we were dropping off a family history packet and we ended up finding out that that had had a couple of deaths in the family recently. we were able to give them a plan of salvation packet and testify of the peace it brings. it was a powerful experience.
Elder Williams, Sister Lebow, Elder Fogel (hat)
Thursday we had a good and busy day at the food bank and were able to have a couple nice visits in the evening.
Friday we tracted a bit, had a really nice visit with the Bacons, THey're the best! then we had a great lesson with Kristin and she commited to coming to church! THat evening we ahd dinner at the Martins and had pad thai! it was so good! super peanut buttery! it was great! 
Saturday was pretty uneventful.
Elder Forester and Elder Fogel
Sunday we had a really good morning, the power went out at church and the were debating whether or not they were going to have to cancel church. it was pretty fun, they decided to go forward with it and right before Bro Hansen got up to start sacrament meeting, the power came back on! it was super funny, but also a miracle!
That's my week! 
love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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