Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Elder Cuevas (top back), Elder Keightly, Elder Fogle (front), Elder Forester, Elder Griffin
Sister Thompson and Sister Egbert
Hey everyone!
My weeks been really crazy, so I'll just start in on it!

Monday we spent most of the day at Dr's appt's for Elder Williams, for dinner we made potato wedges in our apartment, it was really good It was a good evening together. That night we got the official call from president about Elder Williams heading home. It was tough news, but it was what he needed to have happen. 

So Tuesday morning we went to Orphan Acres and had a really good time with the district and then Elder Williams left that afternoon. I ended up staying with the Troy and Potlach elders, Elder Keightly and Elder Cuevas. It was a really good time with them. Great elders and it was a delight to be there companions. 

Wednesday we did a lot of good work in rolling hills, saw jan and helaine and then i got dropped off with the bacon family, Bro bacon spent the evening with me. We had a really good lesson with the hooper family who are moving soon and we had a good porch lesson with kelly on the porch. It was great!
Sunset in Moscow, Idaho
Thursday we had a really good lesson with Ben, a referral from the hoopers, he was really open to learning about the restoration, it was great. he opened a lot and it was just a good first lesson. that evening we went to Potlach and had a scripture mastery battle ship game, it was really fun.
Elder Griffin, Keightly (back), Elder Cuevas
Friday we had district meeting. It was lots of fun, i learned a lot and it was just a good one. For district lunch we made spagetti for everyone and had a good time. It was nice.

Saturday we had a good service project helping amber move some things into her storage unit, then we went to Good Sams and helped Helaine move some things out of her apartment. Afterwards we went to the other Amber's and had a really good lesson on the sacrament. It was enjoyable.

Sunset in Moscow, Idaho
Sunset in Moscow, Idaho
Sunday was a bit crazy. I went church by myself (kinda) and spent the whole day with priesthood holders, it was fun. After church bishop and I went to the Deobalds and had a really good lesson on the atonement. It was really good. Kelly opened up a lot and we were able to help resolve some concerns she was having. Afterwards bishop dropped me off at the Bacons for dinner. It was really delicious, lots of fun. They are a great family. Love them!

That's my week!
thanks for all you all do!
love ya!
Elder Bryce Griffin

Moscow, Idaho district

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