Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chatting with Bryce from the MTC

We just got an email from Bryce on his one and only p-day in the MTC. I also got to email "chat" with him. It sounds like he is still pretty homesick, but that he is having a good time and learning a ton.

The "chat" was a live exchange of emails, though it took a few minutes between each. Here is the gist of what we talked about:

Bryce: I'm on for a few minutes ...
Dad: (10 minutes later) Hey man, you still there? I checked it and then looked away for a few and your note was here.
Bryce: I'm on for probably 30? doing laundry at the moment
Dad: So how are you feeling? Are you working on a letter?
Bryce: Yeah, its gonna be kinda messy
Dad: Mom says she is not going to chat with you because she wants a letter from you and because you and I are chatting. So ask me if you have questions -- I am on phone with her.You loving the MTC? I guess you'll be out of there in a few days. Marlee came over Tuesday and spent two hours with your phone, got some pix and texts off of it.
Bryce: Oh awesome, can you have her mail me some pictures and texts from her? I both love and hate the MTC -- it's a lot of weird emotions...
Dad: Have you been getting all our dearrelder messages. Grandma and Marlee said they've been sending some, too. Also, Grandma sent you a treat and I think Mom has one going to your mission home when you get there
Bryce: Yeah, I really really appreciate those.* Please don't send any more food while I'm here in the MTC, we have so much garbage in our room that we'll have to throw a bunch away when we leave
Dad: Hahaha, that mean you're gaining weight? How has your comp been? You guys getting excited to ship out in a few days?
Bryce: My comp's mostly awesome, no complaints there. I might have gained a little, but not too much. I am so excited to get out of here. I feel like it will be a lot better once I get a change of scenery.
Dad: Yeah, to actually be doing missionary work will really help. You really start to feel your real purpose when you get out there, plus the tremendous amount of love and support from the mission pres and fam and other elders is awesome
Bryce: Yeah, we actually have some practice investigators that we get to teach and that is a really big help both to my teaching and my feelings towards being here.
The Provo MTC
Dad: I promise you that the feeling you get after you help enlighten someone rivals all the great emotions on earth. You have everything you need? You learning to cope with some of those tender homesick feelings?
Bryce: Homesickness comes and goes. I think I am okay for now... my district is really helping a lot as well as President Taylor. my branch president. I don't really need anything except maybe a laundry bag when I get to Washington. If I think of anything I will try to let you know.
Dad: OK, got your letter - haven't read it yet -- so does that mean you're leaving soon? I have my big Region 9 Media Day tomorrow and then it's back to the real grind again. Hopefully we'll both be so busy that we can put those sad feelings away for awhile.
Bryce: Yeah, hopefully, and I think it's probably about time for me to go, we gotta run... bye Dad, I love and miss you so much! Talk to you in just a short time!
Dad: K, love ya bye.

I'l share highlights from the letter later today.

* Note: To send a dear elder to Bryce, go to and select Provo MTC on the left side, then fill in the info  and write your letter in the little box. His mission is Washington Spokane, his unit number is 123 and his departure date is Aug. 11.

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