Monday, August 18, 2014

Chatting with Bryce

Email conversation between Bryce and I early Monday afternoon as he experiences his first P-day in the mission field.

BRYCE: I'm on! Hey Dad, I'm not sure if this is when I will usually be on, but it sounded that way!
DAD: Hey, man, how was your first week as a real missionary?!
BRYCE: Crazy! I'm working on my weekly letter right now!
DAD: Being a missionary is cool, huh?
BRYCE: It's definitely interesting a lot of the time!
DAD: You guys tract a lot or how do you get your people to teach?
BRYCE: Mostly street contacting and referrals. I haven't knocked any doors yet. Most people sit out on their porches in the evenings, so we talk to them while we're riding around on our bikes.
DAD: Ya gotta love those porch monkeys! Is the weather nice?
BRYCE: High 80's and kinda humid, I sweat all the time! Better than St George though!
DAD: Yeah, that should be nothing for you after working out in the heat. You like your comp? He's pretty new too, eh?
BRYCE: Yeah, Elder Lyden is awesome! He's been out for 3 months (two transfers) and just finished being trained and now he's district leader and my trainer!
DAD: Holy crap, that's quick! How many in your district? Where's he from?
BRYCE: Kearns, Utah. Um... 2 sets of sisters and some spanish elders and the Russian Elders. Can you send me the lyrics to I'll Find You My Friend? Maybe have Marlee mail them to me? I dont have a printer I can use right now.
DAD: Wait, you have Russian speaking Elders?
BRYCE: Yes, they were pulled out of Ukraine and sent here.
DAD: Ohhh, that makes sense. Are there any Russians for them to teach or are they just speaking English?
BRYCE: They somehow find them, not sure how many people they have to teach though. Oh and FB friend Sister Cuevas! There will be a bunch of pics of me because of the media blitz to combat the Book of Mormon musical that's playing at the local theater here in town. Apparently it really bashes missionaries, which is just sad since we give up 2 years of our life to go serve people.
DAD: OK, I will. Yeah, that musical is pretty sacrilegious, but any publicity is good pub, right?
BRYCE: Exactly, it definitely helped people become aware of us, and we put out a bunch of stuff on Facebook to help show that we aren't what the musical says we are
DAD: They did a thing on the news about how the church should be protesting, but I think the church is smart -- just leave it alone, let people have their fun, and then explain the truth to them.
BRYCE: That's pretty much what we've been doing, not protest, but use the attention to teach people what we're really about!
DAD: How long you guys going to be there?
BRYCE: At the computer lab? probably just a few more minutes.
DAD: Oh, OK, anything you need from us? Sounds like your area's a bit scary, huh?
BRYCE: A little, but we're protected! I could probably use a couple short sleeved shirts? Also if you send me packages, try to send healthy-ish treats. I am so over sweeted at this point. Any idea who sent me the popcorn factory stuff? It was good!
DAD: Yeah, that was Mom! We'll have to find you some shirts and have them shipped direct to you.
BRYCE: Yeah, you can send letters to the address you got, packages too, but i think i have to go to the post office to get them. How's Holly and Dallas?
DAD: Holly is great. She likes Mr. Ivie, at least so far and seems to enjoy school. Dallas is good, starting Dixie State next week.
BRYCE: Can you have Marlee email me? I dont have her email address memorized and I dont know how to get her new address? Oh! and tell her happy birthday for me on Thursday! I'm planning on sending one more letter today and then not sending her any until she gives me her new apartment address. Did you get the weekly letter?
DAD: Yep, got it. You got enough money for food and whatever?
BRYCE: I think so, haven't really had to spend any yet, we go to the store as soon as I finish up here. I need to go now. I think I do need a micro sd converter so I can send you guys pictures. Time to say bye! Love you Dad! Talk to you next week! Give my love to the family!

DAD: K, love you son!!!!!!!!

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