Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elder Griffin turns 20!

Hey everyone, it's been another exciting week!
Sandpoint, Idaho
Monday we had a fun p-day in Sandpoint with the missionaries in the zone, we also spent a lot of time saying goodbyes and getting ready for transfers.
Tuesday we spent most of the morning and afternoon driving and unpacking and such things as are involved in transfers. It was good. We also did some service for a sister in Newport who just moved in and the Newport Elders couldn't make it over because of transfers. We also met with the Abston family, they're the ones who showed up to church that Sunday and said they wanted to be baptized. It was a really great visit, we were able to teach them more about using their quad's and studying the scriptures and it was just a great visit. They're a great couple!
B is Newport, Idaho.  Can also see Priest River  and Sandpoint.
Wednesday we spent the day in town on bikes, we had a good day, met a lot of nice people and one in particular was a great contact. We met a man named Jason who's had a bit of a rough past, but he recognized us as servants of God, and was super excited to have us over to learn what we have to say. It was great. We also had a very frustrating dinner appt with an eternigator, He is very stubborn and has no reason to change. We would probably drop him, but he only is willing to meet with us once a month. So, it's not too big of a use of time. He usually feeds us as well, so it's not too big of a deal.
Thursday we had a great lesson with a new investigator, Kim, we taught her the plan of salvation and she opened up a little bit, but we're having a hard time getting her to open up to us. We spent the afternoon weekly planning and helping Elder Esser learn the area, it went pretty well. Then we drove out to the Proctor families house and had dinner with them. It was really good. Pineapple Hawaiian chicken and rice in a pineapple shell. It was super good. We went on splits with the bishop and Brother Holmes after dinner and were able to see a few really good families. 
Spokane, Washington
Friday we road tripped to Spokane for a dr's appt and Chelsea's sealing. Unfortunately, we got the time wrong for the sealing, so we missed the ceremony and got to wait in the waiting room with some members from Spokane first who I knew really well. It was good but still a little disappointing.
When we got back into Priest River we had dinner with the Jensens, it went really well and they're warming up to Elder Esser very nicely. Afterwards we went out to the Geoghens and had a really good visit with them and then went to Jason's and had probably one of the most spiritual restorations I've ever had on my mission with him. We were able to help him understand God's love for him by comparing it to his love for his daughter. It was powerful.
Saturday was not too eventful, we found some new people to teach in Laclede and had a good dinner appt with one of the Johnson families in the ward. It was a good day.
Sunday was yet another big miracle! We were greeting people for church and a lady walked in and said she was interested in joining the church. AGAIN! that's the second week in a row that that's happened! It's amazing! Her name is Becky and she lives just a few blocks from the church. I'm excited to start teaching her! We gave her a restoration pamphlet right before sacrament meeting started and she read it and had lots of good questions. After church we went out to the Charleston's and had a fun new member lesson, they're so silly and so smart. It's fun and challenging to teach them. Afterwards we got lost on our way to the dinner appt and ended up a little bit outside our area and blew a couple few too many miles. It was frustrating, but fun. 
That was my week!
Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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