Monday, June 20, 2016


Swinging Bridge, Libby Montana
Hey Everyone!

It's been a great week! soo Many miracles!
Monday we had an amazing pday hiking out by swinging bridge and kootenai falls. It was so fun and just beautiful! 
Tuesday we had a fun day, we had lunch with Lyle at Kings, taco tuesday! Super good. Then we went to the cooks home and helped them with trimming their hedges. It was really good. very enjoyable! all that time at Washington city parks has helped on my mission! For dinner we went to the Mullens and had taco salad, which was delicious and then we went to Sandpoint for exchanges and a baptismal interview. I had elder Rasmussen with me and we enjoyed it a lot.
Swinging Bridge, Libby Montana
Wednesday we spent the day out in Blanchard, Quite the drive, and saw several families out there. We had dinner at the Bates and had some interesting enchillada's, and afterwards we drove back to the apartment for exchanging back. It was a fun day and lots of little things happened, like having lunch on a families porch in the middle of a golf community. It was pretty fancy.
Thursday we weekly planned and had dinner at the cooks. Afterwards we went on splits with the high priest group leaders and were able to see a lot of brethren that we needed to. We had a great visit with Don Ivie and he's still adjusting to his wife's passing. It was a really nice lesson and we challenged him to open himself to serving others.
Elder Griffin
Friday we had a HUGE meeting in Spokane, it was for a general authority, Elder Keetch. Two thirds of the mission were there, so it was lots of fun to see all my Companions and friends from throughout the mission. When we got back we went to the Jensen's for dinner, they're a recent convert family, it was a lot of fun and they make good food!
Elder Pendell
Saturday was FILLED with Miracles. First thing in the morning after studies we went to the church and had a great lesson/ church tour with a new investigator Kim, it went really well and she agreed to be baptized when she feels it's true. Afterwards we got a ride from the Jensen's to the Temple and were able to show them the temple grounds for the first time. it was great! Then we did an endowment session with Chelsea, from Spokane 1st/ysa. It was a great experience, next week i get to go to her sealing! We finished the day with a dinner at the Hardwood Grill here in priest River, it was delicious. It's a really nice restaurant.
Libby Montana
Elder Griffin
Sunday we had the biggest miracle I've seen in a long time! After sacrament meeting we went to gospel principles and had a great lesson and a new couple showed up who had just taken the discussions from missionaries in Utah and want to be baptized as soon as possible. It was pretty miraculous. So we sat down and discussed the situation, got the info for them and for the missionaries in Utah and they will be having a baptism in the next month or so! Pretty amazing! 
After church we went to the Jensen's again for lunch and had a really fancy seafood lunch. It was pretty tasty! Then we did our studies for the afternoon and went off to dinner. After dinner we went to the Savage/Hammons, who had a recent death in the family and had a really good discussion on the plan of salvation. It was a very spiritual lesson and it was just what the family needed.
The last piece of news I have this week is that transfers is this week! Elder Pendell is leaving and will be going down to Lewiston, I'm staying here in Priest River, and my new companion is a missionary named Elder Essar, he's pretty new and so I'll be his first companion after training. It's going to be a fun transfer!
Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin
Swinging Bridge, Libby Montana
Swinging Bridge, Libby Montana

Libby Montana

Elder Morrison, Pendell, Griffin, Janis 

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