Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Baptism coming soon!

Elder Davies, Morrison, Janis (seated), Pendell (red), Rasmussen
Sister Rich, Sister Florez, Elder Griffin (flag)
Hey everyone,
It's been a fun week!
We've had a lot of good things going on, so I'll dive right in!

Priest River District Missionaries
Monday night we met with Bro Ivie again and he's doing well, preparing for his wife's memorial and getting his life in order since her passing away. he's Excited to start working towards going to the temple for her.
Tuesday we had a really good lesson on faith with Sis Connoly, she's still struggling with coming to church, but the spirit was there and she's working on coming again. We also had a really good visit with Bobbie out in the boonies, she's a sweet little old lady and she's hopefully going to work towards baptism. We also had a dinner with a very... North Idaho.. Family and they shared a lot of their political views, it was pretty funny. That evening we had the baptismal interview for the Feika's and helped them pick out their jumpsuits, it was exciting! they both Passed!

Feika Family Baptism
Wednesday we had mi Pueblos Mexican restaurant for lunch with a part member family, unfortunately the lesson kinda went way out in left field and the spirit wasn't too happy with that.  Oh well! There's always next time!
Thursday we went had ward correlation and were able to get a lot done, we also put together the baptismal program and and cleaned the baptismal font in preparation for the Feika's baptism.
Friday we had a really good district meeting, we talked about different ways to find and the best ways to do each of them. We also took district pictures afterwards, in the Deans front yard. it was fun!
Peanut Butter soup and kasavaleaf soup - African soup

Elder Griffin
Saturday we spent the morning filling the baptismal font, and then had the Baptism of the Feika's. it was a super good experience and the spirit was so powerful! afterwards we went and got pizza to celebrate the baptism and enjoyed lunch with the newport elders. Then we went to the memorial service for bro Ivie's wife and said the opening prayer and enjoyed some light snacks with them. Then we went to the Feika's house for some african BBQ and celebrating with the Feika's and the ward. It was awesome! Peanut butter soup is different, but tasty!
Then we went to the Hardwood grill and had dinner with another recent convert, Bro Hall. IT was soo good! even after having had 2 other dinner appts we had just come from! It was such a good day!

Werner's Wigglers - worm business owned by member

Elder Griffin with steam tractor
Sunday was fairly uneventful, we had the Feika's confirmation which was really good, and then just a regular 5th sunday lesson. Enjoyed church a bunch! 
THat's my week! 
Love ya'll!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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