Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Exciting week with a mini missionary!

Hey everyone! It's been a super eventful week, even though it was a little shorter than usual.
Last Wednesday  I found a sweet new proselyting bag at ross that's the perfect size! We also had an awesome pday with our mini missionaries and just lots of fun. That evening we had an interesting experience with some sorority girls at 32nd apartments and basically they mocked us and then invited us to join in iniquity, it was pretty uncomfortable but me and Kallen made it out unscathed, Jorgie got a little scared for life though.

Thursday we Taught Nicole again and she's all ready for baptism this coming Friday. We also had weekly planning and saw Sis Moosmen.  Kallen played violin for her and she just loved it! It made her day! We also had pizza rita for dinner, it was super good!

Elder Jorgensen
Friday we got attacked by the crazy 10 commandments preacher dude that has had a reputation of harassing missionaries. It was heartbreaking to see someone so hardened against the gospel. He was mean. 

Elder Griffin and Kalen Kribbs (mini)
Then we had zone training and it was fairly uneventful. 

That evening we helped Jill quit smoking, we cleaned up all her ashes and such, dusted the porch, gave her a priesthood blessing and she's been smoke free since! We also saw the Powells and Brittany's husband is officially an investigator! We talked about Alvey world and other stuff back at PV, it was sweet!

Saturday we had an interesting guy that sincerely thought we were going to hell because we believed the BoM and he thought the bible was all we needed and yada yadda, it was funny, complete contrast from the preacher guy though, this guy was sincerely concerned for our souls, it was kinda funny. 

We also taught Jill the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. It was a really good, really spiritual lesson.
Sunday was super sweet! Glennyss came to church and she loved it! We had really good talks about defending the Family and Marriage and such and both classes were really good. During sacrament Kallen played on his violin and everyone in the church was moved to tears. It was amazing! he's super talented! We said bye to him that evening and it was sad to see him go, he's going to make a great missionary someday! He was awesome! Now he's gone back to the land of eternal pdays and we'll miss him. 

It was a great week! 

Jorgensen, Kribbs, Grirffin
Love ya'll!!!
Elder Griffin

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