Thursday, August 6, 2015

Best Mission Ever...and shirt burning.

HEy Everyone!
Elder Griffin
It's been a good busy week!

Last Monday we had a FHE with the Collins family at the Bishops house, it was really good. and we had brownies and fun!

Tuesday we went to IDAHO!!! to help Elder Wall with setting up a mission apartment. It was a fun trip and it was cool to see a different part of the mission. That evening we had a lesson with Keeta and she got really excited because we brought Sis Luna with us, she even got excited to come to church! We also visited with the Luna's and I burned a shirt for my year mark. It was good. 

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Griffin
Also, the brakes went out on my bike at the end of the night, so it was fun riding home with only front brakes. I made it home safe though and Elder Harris came by the next day to help.

Wednesday had an interesting experience with Latina getting upset because we were helping her neighbor take out some really really nasty garbage. It was really uncomfortable but kinda entertaining because we were just trying to be helpful. 

1 year shirt burning...
Thursday we had a good lesson with Nicole at the Wibergs house, She's getting super excited about her upcoming baptism. it's going to be great! 

Then we did service at inland NW Baby and helped sort clothes and such.

Then we did weekly plannning and went to the church for dinner and to prep for a Church tour with Glennyss, which turned out really really well.
Friday we did service at the Fox Glenn apt's helping clean up the tennis court, it was really good. 

Then we had district meeting and then we went to Best Mission street during lunch. 

Then we went to the Browns and saw the Powells and Brittany. The Powells are new ward missionaries and they're super excited for the calling.
Saturday we had a fun day, we helped a guy move out of his trailer and it was pretty random. 

Then we saw a ton of people and Riley got super excited to come to church. We also saw Latina and she was in a much better mood. We gave her a couple church movies for her birthday and she got all excited. It was great. 

That evening we helped with a stake single adult activity and it was a blind fold obstacle course symbolizing the vision of the tree of life. it was really cool and super fun to try to get people to let go of the iron rod. it was funny and weird reversing roles there as all the missionaries were the tempters. it was fun!

Sunday we had a great day at church, there were a lot of people there and it was good to see the fruits of our labors. That evening we had dinner with the Luna's, which was super good pot roast, and then we went to Roberta to check up on her, we gave her a priesthood blessing and the spirit was really strong. She's got a lot on her plate and the blessing really helped her.

Monday we had a super good day. We picked up a mini missionary who will be staying with us the next week and seeing what mission life is like, and we had a few good experiences. Also, it has been super smokey outside lately, apparently Washington has several fires nearby. They should've repented! Oh well, they'll humble themselves now. Ha. Just kidding. 

Burning is over...time to get to work for another year!
Tuesday we had another good lesson with Nicole and she's all but ready to be baptized, the date is still in the air, either next week or in two weeks.  We also did service and had a dinner with the SR missionaries. It was fun.  

We also had a super good lesson with The Powells and Brittany and her HUSBAND EVEN CAME!!!! It was a huge miracle, his heart has been softening lately and it's great to see him deciding to come try the gospel out again.

Investigator excited the missionaries didn't get transferred...

It was a great week!

Love ya'll!
Edler Griffin

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