Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Service and Miracles

May 18, 2015

Hey everyone!

It's been a great week, lots of fun and lots of good work!

Monday we had an awesome family home evening with an active family and a less active family, it was great! Afterwards we went to the ysa family home evening and had a great game of volleyball with the ward. It was fun!

Tuesday we found one of our investigators a study buddy to help her with reading the Book of Mormon. It's been great for her and she's progressing so much now! Before the lesson we were at the park and we saw a magician guy and it was super good and pretty funny!

Wednesday we had a good day, went to the mission office and worked on some things for family history, we also had a super good dinner at the Crumps, mexican pot pie, it was tasty and that evening I got to check up on the Dowells and the Tibbets and they're both doing super good! It felt so good to talk to them and catch up. It really helped me feel better.

Thursday we had a birthday party for Moldy at one of our recent converts house and had super tasty tres leches cake and did service and helped someone move. It was a super good day. We also got weekly planning done and just had a good solid day.

Friday was fun, we had district meeting and went to Costa Vida for lunch.  President Mullen showed up with one of the other districts and it was super funny! We even put his wipers up again and he thought it was a good one! love that guy!

Saturday we did service at the house of charity again preparing and serving food. It was way fun and that afternoon we went to work and had little success. It was kinda frustrating, but on our way back to dinner there was a huge rainstorm that rolled in, so we just did what we could and called it an evening.

Sunday was different, some of the missionaries nearby were struggling with some things so we went and took one of them with me to get a checkup from one of their investigators who is an EMT and then we talked about what he's been struggling with. It was really good and he's doing much better. It was a good fun day and we even saw a miracle during church! We went outside to talk to one of our investigators who went to take a smoke and she had her boyfriend with her, he had been kind of standoffish last time we saw him and so we were kinda nervous to talk to him, but after we talked to him Sunday he opened up to us, talked about how cool it was that Jesus came to America and then said he's going to read the Book of Mormon and gladly come to church and take the discussions. It was super cool! Huge miracle, God is awesome!

love ya'll!
have a great week

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